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Laguna Pond Supplies: Small Fish Pond Pump Considerations

A backyard pond provides a home for fish and aquatic plants, glassy reflections, water for wildlife, and a gentle and tranquil sound and setting in your landscape. What you need are liner and sand when you want to build a small backyard pond. Aside from these essential materials, it is good to invest in pond pumps, filters, and plants to always keep your pond water fresh by removing and recycling waste, providing shade, and adding oxygen, and you can also create a hardscape edging using pavers, stones, and other building materials. The different edging materials may include stones, bricks, or pavers made of slate, sandstone, or granite. Pond plants help to keep the pond water fresh, preventing water from being offensive and stagnant, protecting the pond liner, and helping in the production of oxygen and nutrients source.

A liner helps in preventing pond water from being soaked in the soil which is usually made of polyvinyl chloride, ethylene propylene diene monomer or butyl rubber. When it comes to PVC liners, their life-span is greatly influenced by direct sunlight, with varying usage and thickness that usually lasts from 7 to 50 years. Although more expensive than PVC liners, butyl rubber liners have sunlight resistant so they are more durable, flexible, and long-lasting than PVC types, but are not ideal for backyard ponds where wildlife drink. Fiberglass and plastic liners are other types of pond liners you can choose from. You need to have filters to clean pond water, and water pumps to supply your fish pond enough oxygen. For small ponds, surface pumps can do well, water cooled water pumps are better than oil cooled (leaving a slick on pond surfaces causing leaking), and submersible pumps may create little disturbance or noise.

When it comes to a larger fish pond, they need more maintenance than small ponds, and it is worth the additional effort, for a better movement, color, and an element of the dramatic landscape. When choosing a water pump for your small pond, it is important to choose a trusted and reliable brand like Laguna Pumps which is a continuous-duty model. When it comes to the two types of water pumps for fish ponds, one can be mounted outside the pond (has pipes outside) and one that works underneath the pond water (with prettier effect since it is not visible). It is best to use a pump with a filtration system to remove fish waste containing high ammonia that can be dangerous to your fish.

For more information about fish pond products and supplies, feel free to check our homepage or website today. Allow us to help you build your very own backyards fish pond today for a more enjoyable and exciting pond experience ever!

Discovering The Truth About Ponds

Discovering The Truth About Ponds


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