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How to Know if Your Spouse Cheats?

Talking and listening to your spouse is the best approach you can take if something tells you that they are cheating. On the other hand, there are vague signs as well as other instances that you might refuse to believe what you are seeing and what you are hearing. Check out these signs and see for yourself whether your husband or wife is cheating and get this over with.

Number 1. You found a condom in his wallet or car – as a matter of fact, this is deemed as a red flag most especially if you found contraceptive pills in his cabinet or if you, yourself takes pills. You can verify that they are cheating in the event that you have confronted him to clarify this matter and they appear to be defensive or evading the question.

Number 2. Obsessed about staying healthy and fit – your husband or wife might possibly have enrolled on a gym, gets a makeover or has undergone a cosmetic surgery despite telling him/her that you love them. There’s a chance that they aren’t trying to look gorgeous personally for you but for someone else if this is the case.

Number 3. They bought a new phone or has created a new social networking account or email – now this is already a takeaway because anyone who has been in a relationship can clearly tell that a separate account from any of the said is a definite sign that he or she is hiding something.

Number 4. Working late all time – another sign that can help tell you that your spouse is in a relationship with another man or woman is if they use to tell excuses like having overtime at work but didn’t get a chance to see their pay slip or weren’t able to have extra on payday.

Number 5. Being helpful with the laundry – this one is fairly common for men when it is time to check pockets before throwing it in the washing machine.

Number 6. Come back home with a different scent – better watch out for a red lipstick mark anywhere on his shirt particularly around the collar, which is actually a very classic sign that your spouse is cheating.

Number 7. Lose of intimacy – cheating wife or husband normally loses interest sleeping with you. Psychologists say that this can be of two things, one is if they are guilty of being unfaithful or if he/she may like to have sex at all times. In the latter, this can be because that they want to release their sexual tension and imagine a different man or woman while doing it with you.

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