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Tips to Keep in Mind When Maintaining Your Septic System

1. Take care of what enters the tank. You can definitely increase the lifespan of your septic tank by means of being cognizant regarding the various kinds of things you place in it. Make certain that you don’t put any cooking oil, coffee grounds, diapers, cigarette ends, fats, napkins, wet tissues and other non-biodegradable substances in the septic tank. These non-biodegradable substances are capable of causing blockage in the septic tank which would require you to have an expensive repair job.

2. Maintain the drain field. The drain field is the main section of your septic tank which aids to take away the solid wastes from the liquid ones. Here are a number of tips that can assist you to preserve your drain field for so long. Be sure not to park your car or vehicle on the drain field. Be certain that the trees are planted at a safe distance from the drain field in order to keep the roots from growing in the drain field or close to it. In addition, the rainwater drainage systems such as gutters and sump pumps be kept away from the drain field.

3. Evaluate the septic tank on a regular basis. In order to prolong the normal functioning of a septic tank, it is vital that you have a periodic inspection as well as proper upkeep of the septic tank by a profession.

4. Take advantage of pumping services. It is important that you pumped out your septic tank at least twice a year so as to ensure that all solid wastes are properly broken down. Pumping the septic tank on a regular basis will not only improve its life, but will also prevent future system failure.

5. Set the usage of household chemicals. One of the things that can cause the septic tank to malfunction is excessive utilization of household chemicals such as detergent, bleach, drain cleaner and so forth. The household chemicals are capable of stopping the action of the bacteria present in the tank which is responsible for the breakdown of waste products.

6. Ask some help from the experts. When it comes to maintenance as well as cleaning of the septic tank, it is vital that you rely on the assistance of the experts. The septic tank service provider will go to your house and systematically evaluate your septic tank for presence of damages as well as leakages. They will examine the scum and the sludge layers so as to find out what is the source of the problem. And even if you discover just a very small problem with your septic tank, it is highly advsable to be be sure to always call an expert for help.

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