Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping the Workforce

Walmart a month ago reported that customers before long may see much more robots in its stores - yet the organization wasn't...


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Facial Recognition Technology

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco, long at the core of the innovation unrest, stood firm against potential maltreatment on Tuesday by prohibiting...

Facebook launching app that pays users for data on app usage

Facebook on Tuesday propelled an application that will pay clients to impart data to the internet based life monster about which applications...
Retail and Technology

How Retail and Technology are Proving to be a Hit Mix

Retail is certainly not a customary movement including some business exchanges. It has turned into a multi-layered movement which presently likewise includes...
Google Fitbit

The Justice Department will reportedly investigate Google’s Fitbit acquisition

The US Department of Justice will reportedly review Google’s November acquisition of wearables company Fitbit, potentially probing concerns about the detailed user data that...

Winning team pockets $15mn in final of eSports spectacular

In excess of 600,000 individuals viewed charmed on the web and thousands pressed a midtown Shanghai field to see group OG bring...


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