These Freebies Await Pokémon Go Players in Samsung’s Summer of Galaxy...

Players of Pokémon Go can avail of these treats provided that they adhere to the terms and conditions that the promotions have.


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LOOK: Tesla’s Model 3 Significantly Cuts 65% Less than Mercedes-Benz C-Class Emissions, Study Finds

Win-win for clean energy as Tesla's Model 3 beats Mercedes-Benz' C-Class by 65% in CO2 emissions, while researchers debunk dirty electricity myth!

Facebook, TikTok and 87 Other Apps Face Ban from The Indian Army

Facebook, TikTok, and 87 Other Apps Face Ban from The Indian Army.  The ban on these applications has come as a directive after the...

[STUDY] Scientists Reprogram Human Cells to Slow Aging; Clues Why Vessels Harden as People...

Medical experts claim that aging could be slowed down. They found clues why vessels become leaky and hard as people age.

Contact Tracing App Aarogya Setu New Feature Update

Contact Tracing App Aarogya Setu has had a New Feature Update. The new update which was pushed out today has added a new interesting...

EA Rocket Arena: A ‘Fortnite-Game’ Like That You Can’t Die

Fortnite has been one of the top favorites video games of all time. But the newest Electronic Arts (EA) game called Rocket Games may...


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