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People are constantly in contact with each other in this age of the internet and social media. They share what they buy, wear, eat, and whom they meet to spend their time with. The clustering of users on a handful of platforms makes it easier for uninitiated ones to get to the bandwagon in the least possible time.

Food is a major category on social media when it comes to trades. Both ends of the spectrum, producers and buyers, are integrated closely, more than ever.

As a food joint owner, you have a golden opportunity to grab your share of the market pie by canvasing top restaurant review sites. People chat about good and bad things, and you want in on the former.

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Interesting Stats:

  • More than any other business category, 90 percent of customers conduct online research before dining at a restaurant.
  • Restaurant reviews are read by 92 percent of customers.
  • A third of respondents said they would never eat at a restaurant with less than four ratings.

Top 10 Restaurant Review Sites:

You can find various restaurants directories, but there are some specific ones you must get a profile on and manage reviews there. Get started with these top 10 restaurant listing sites listed below. These sites are among the popular ones, and people usually land on these restaurant search websites to find and decide which restaurant to try. Please note that the following restaurant listing sites are in no specific order.

1. Google Business Reviews

Google search engine is a tech giant with a suite of different applications and over two billion users. Apart from catering to individual’s needs, it has made efforts to let businesses promote themselves.

Using Google, you can display the NAP of your business along with relevant media and timing. People will discover you, and they will leave feedback on Google for others to see. It is one of the restaurant listing sites that a business owner cannot miss because of its potential.

2. Yelp

Yelp enjoys a solid base of loyal users each month, which ranges in millions. This shows how much popular it is. Apart from food, it also lists other businesses, which is the perfect place to earn converts. 

Yelp advertising pages are simple. After claiming your business, you can add all the relevant information you want potential patrons to have and update it periodically. The interactive section will give you the likes and positive comments your business needs so much.

3. Open Table

Over 200 million people in the US alone had visited and dined in a restaurant, and Open Table is a great platform to divert “some” of that traffic toward your place. After quarantine measures and immunization wave, people are craving to enjoy their favourite meals in person, and this platform ensures you get the feedback you deserve by prompting consumers to leave a review or a comment. That is the reason it ranks high on restaurant directories lists.

4. Facebook

There were over 2.7 billion active users on Facebook alone in the month of June 2021. People receive and rely upon much of the advice they get here about where to eat.

Facebook has an excellent suite for business owners to set up their commercial pages and dress it up with the whole nine yards, from videos and pictures to reviews, comments, and any other type of engagement.

5. CityLocal Pro

Restaurant review sites like CityLocal Pro helps businesses to get discovered online. It has an intuitive user interface and a large assortment of hotels and restaurants to choose from. Food joints can benefit a lot by making a profile on this platform.

Basic listings are free. But, if you want the best experience, you can opt for their premium services, which include a complete digital marketing suite with SEO, SEM, and social media marketing.

6. TripAdvisor

Travel and food go hand in hand. That is why TripAdvisor shines through many of its competitors to offer a marketing platform for hotels and restaurants.

Since it caters to the needs of travellers, you are sure to get more than local feedback on your services. This gives a great edge as other users will be convinced of the quality you serve at your place.

TripAdvisor shows results on a ranking basis. Additionally, it allows users to book places to stay and eat with comfort and ease. With this kind of restaurant search website, it would be a shame not to profile your restaurant.

7. GrubHub

GrubHub is all about food. It has proved ideal for quarantined as it offered places near them and food delivery and restaurant takeout drivers.

According to studies, eighty-six percent of Millennials try food when they see related content on the internet.

It shows ratings of a joint before a user clicks on a restaurant page. So, make sure you create and pursue an active strategy on GrubHub for augmented sales and influence.

8. Seamless

GrubHub owns seamless, so it will feel and look similar to its parent organization. Essentially, it is a food ordering website that lets foodies order and enjoys food from the comfort of their homes.

Just like GrubHub, it has a feedback mechanism to promote and highlight businesses with exceptional feedback. If you are sure you can compete in cut-throat competition and succeed, it is worth your time to make a profile on Seamless and start cooking.

9. Zomato

Zomato is synonymous with food delivery, and that is saying something. It is trendy in many areas, and even where it is not, people know about it. It is leading the review-based platforms for food joints and bars, relying on feedback from food critics and average foodies.

Apart from helping people find the best place to dine in or order food online, Zomato also allows businesses to purchase advertisements and get premium spots for maximum visibility.

10. Foursquare

Foursquare completes the experience of finding a food joint and then adds a location on the platform for others to follow suit. Since its inception, Foursquare has gone in eclipse several times and always came back stronger than ever.

Foursquare also offers data reports to sellers, such as visitor demographics, consumer behaviour, and so on. As a food cooking and delivery business, this is a great place to showcase your work.

Restaurant review sites do not only help in boosting sales but serves as a quality check. When you receive a negative review or comment, you know what to work on to improve your game. Overall, these are the best food review sites that a food business should employ.

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