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Apple is one of the biggest and most recognizable premium tech device manufacturers. The brand currently holds 50% of the United States smartphone market share and offers established product families in various other sectors.

Besides the iconic iPhone, Apple also provides laptops, Desktops, LEDs, tablets, smartwatches and headphones. If you, your friends or your family are die-hard fans of the Apple brand, explore the top four devices and upgrades for enhancing your favourite devices.

1. BaseLynx Charging Station Kit

If you own and use many Apple devices in your everyday life, you know that each ship with its bundle of charging cables and accessories. For example, if you have an iPhone, an Apple Watch, an iPad and a pair of AirPods in their charging case, you are dealing with four charging cables of different lengths, typically USB-A to Lightning or USB-C to Lightning.

The more devices you own, the more challenging it becomes to keep your cables untangled and organized. One of the best ways to streamline cable management and keep your devices stored in one place when charging is to use a modular BaseLynx Charging Station Kit.

BaseLynx charging station kits include two Qi wireless charger pads (wide circle) and two magnetic watch charging pads (small circle). BaseLynx charging pads are modular, allowing you to detach them, rearrange them in any order and connect any number of pads for all your devices.

The wide-circle charging pads are compatible with iPhones with fast-charging function (iPhone 8 and later) and AirPods charging cases. They provide up to 10W of power and are equipped with a foreign object detection system, ensuring it only sends power when the correct device is connected.

The watch charging pads are compatible with Apple Watches and feature folding charging circles. Leave it folded down to charge your watch flat on the pad, or flip it up to enable Nightstand Mode. In Nightstand Mode, your watch recharges while standing on one of its sides, making it easier to read the screen from your bed.

2. MagicMount MSC Cup

One of Apple enthusiasts’ most common challenges when driving is finding a safe spot for their iPhones that doesn’t sacrifice usability. 

Although many phone-holding kits are available, their practicality varies significantly. For example, some models may not accept iPhones or MagSafe chargers, while others (car vent-mounted kits) may not be stable or secure. 

Additionally, some phone mounts may not even be legal while driving. A typical example is windshield-mounted phone holders, which may violate your local jurisdiction’s laws regarding distracted driving.

The MagicMount MSC Cup phone-holding kit is the ideal solution to all potential problems. This MagSafe car mount is designed specifically for iPhone 12 and 13 devices and their wireless charging pads. It also includes a 20W power delivery plug to keep your device charged while driving.

Instead of a vent or windshield mount, the MagicMount MSC Cup is mounted on a cup holder base, providing a stable, snug fit, ensuring neither the phone nor the mount falls off while driving and keeping you and your car compliant with distraction laws. 

The mount head can be adjusted and rotated 360°, allowing you to orient your phone to your preferences when following GPS directions or holding a hands-free call.

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3. PowerVolt Power Delivery

Regardless of their favourite products, all Apple mobile device enthusiasts need to charge their batteries regularly. Although Apple has continually improved the speed, reliability and efficiency of the Lightning connectors and charging cables, it still takes a significant amount of time to charge (0 to 100%) most devices fully.

For instance, it takes between 100 and 120 minutes to fully recharge most versions of the iPhone 13 from a 0% battery using the stock Apple Lightning wired charger. The charging times increase to nearly three hours when using the wireless MagSafe pad.

One of the best solutions for cutting down on charging times and getting your device back to a healthier charge percentage is to use the PowerVolt Power Delivery system. This charging brick is Apple MFI Certified and compatible with any Apple Lightning device. 

Its 18W output is up to three times more powerful than stock chargers, allowing an iPhone or iPad to regain an 80% charge from 0% in 35 minutes (instead of 25% with a stock charger). 

The PowerVolt is designed with safety and portability in mind, featuring fold-out prongs to prevent bending or damage while transporting it and possessing failsafe systems against overcharging and overheating.

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4. FoundIt AirTag Keyring

The AirTag is Apple’s solution to the “knack for losing things,” in the company’s own words. This small, disc-shaped object is a personal lost-item tracking device that communicates with your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth to help you find your lost keychain, wallet, backpack and other personal belongings. 

Although it is one of the lesser-known Apple gadgets, the most die-hard Apple fans enjoy using multiple AirTags to keep track of most of their things. The ideal way to keep your AirTag safe is to pair it with a FoundIt case.

FoundIt AirTag keyrings employ impact- and scratch-resistant soft silicone material in their construction, protecting your favourite item tracker from impacts and drops. This material is also 100% water- and weather-proof, keeping your AirTag safe from rain, snow and other forms of water exposure.

Besides protecting your AirTag from damage and the elements, the FoundIt’s silicone construction also eliminates noise and jangling, making it ideal for reducing distractions. Each FoundIt case comes with a practical metal keyring, allowing you to attach it to your keys, backpack, bicycles, luggage and other valuables.

The silicone material is available in four colours (black, red, white and blue), allowing you to colour-code the items you want to track. For example, you can assign white to keychains, red to luggage, blue to bicycles and black to other objects.

Enhance Your Apple Devices with These Upgrades

Whether you own just one or two Apple devices or enjoy collecting the brand’s many products and gadgets, the right upgrades can significantly improve your user experience. As an Apple fan, you can enjoy various upgraded devices, such as fast and convenient device charging kits, the cup holder phone mount or the AirTag protective keyring, to boost Apple product functionality.

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