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Football is the most popular game globally and has a huge fan base. In the evolving world, fans need to know the latest news about their favorite game and player on their phone. There are many websites working day and night to deliver the best result. Technology has developed so much that we come to know the score just in one click before releasing it on air. So here we have suggested the 5 best live score and football news sites in India for getting quick updates.

According to FIFA 2018, it has been recorded that about 1.1 billion viewers joined under 90 min games around the world. This shows the popularity of football even in India after cricket. There are many states like West Bengal, Goa, and Jharkhand where more emphasis is given to football. So, many big websites and individual bloggers provide relevant information about football tournaments and celebrity sports personalities. So, if you are a football fan, you must bookmark the below-given sports websites to get instant updates about the famous football news and the tournaments in India.

Top 5 Popular Live score & Football News Sites

Buaksib is an international sports news site that covers information from various sports worldwide. Football is one of the popular categories there; a well-liked game worldwide and in India.

Buaksib contains all the informative articles and videos footage related to football news and sports personalities. Includes all the information on domestic and international tournaments and league matches. Also, the site updates about every game around the world and publishes news articles about your favourite player. Additionally, you can easily navigate the live score during the live matches and track all the rounds of various tournaments in no time.

Apart from checking live scores and exploring the news articles, you can also check out your favourite player’s profile. You can check their number of matches played, upcoming tournaments, and more.

  • Sportskeeda

Sportskeeda features all types of sports-related news where you can track live scores from anywhere through your phone. This website covers all the domestic and international football news and matches displaying instant scorecards with the fastest update. Besides, the website publishes frequent articles every day related to popular sports and their players worldwide. 

Sportskeeda was founded in 2009 and initially ran from the office of Jain’s father in Noida and, after that, shifted to Bangalore in 2011.

This site is unique from other sports websites as it also covers esports that others don’t. You can also explore the news articles on famous online games like Garena Free Fire, BGMI, Call Of Duty, etc. So, the audience interested in e-gaming can visit the site for regular updates.

  • All India Football Federation

All India Football Federation or AIFF is a government body of football in India. AIFF was founded in 1937 and affiliated with FIFA in 1948. It has an official website that includes all the information about Indian football players, domestic and international tournaments, and league matches with the feature of Instant scores. AIFF is working to promote football in India and regularly publishes news and events updates based on football.

All India Football Federation is unique as it is purely a government website. Second, if you want to become a footballer, you can get all the information regarding coaching in India. You can shop jerseys of various Indian league teams on the site as additional features.

ESPN doesn’t need any recognition in sports and news updates. It is owned by ESPN Inc, an American International Sports channel. It also has an extension in India with the name ESPN.in to release the national updates. It contains posts on various sports, cricket, badminton, wrestling, etc. Among them, football is top-rated as it is the most-watched game worldwide. 

ESPN displays all the information about scheduled matches worldwide and results in instant scores on your screen. ESPN keeps you updated with daily news on sports events and famous players, which other news channels cannot do. As the most extensive network, it has a vast audience cherishing its posts worldwide.

A few additional features of ESPN include a section of fantasy games called ESPN Fantasy Football. So, you can play games during live matches and earn a good amount of money. At the same time, the site will guide you for correct predictions.

  • Flashscore

flashscore site offers all the football news and results from more than 1000 league matches around the world. It gives instant scores and competitions results and news of domestic and international games worldwide. At Flashscore, you can access the updates about significant leagues like ISL, I-League, Calcutta Football League, Santosh Trophy, Hero Super Cup, and Durand Cup in India. This unique feature makes Flashscore different from other sports news websites. 

But there is one problem; the site does not contain the information related to other sports. Compared with other sites, it leads them to handle less audience engagement. In addition, Flashscore does not share information about players and sports events. This website is specially meant to track the status of a live match and see the score.


Today’s audience is habitual to frequently checking the score during the live matches. We, as an audience, don’t have the patients to wait for the result. So, many websites provide the service according to your needs. Keeping your amenities in mind, we have suggested the top 5 live score and football news websites to satisfy your craving.

If you keep an interest in other sports, these sites will give you enough stuff from various games like cricket, badminton, hockey, etc. The same algorithm works on every sport to track and get the relevant information that you need. They help you get quick information in a short time.

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