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There are several emerging trends in the custom software development industry in 2021. According to recent data, the custom software development market will grow to nearly $650 billion by 2025. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 10%, more companies seek custom software solutions. Indeed, businesses are looking for unique features, integrations, and capabilities to make their application stand out from their competitors. As a software developer, you need to know the latest trends in the custom software industry. This way, you can build innovations to outperform off-the-shelf products. Simultaneously, you can support your clients as they grow. Read on to discover the latest emerging trends in the custom software development industry for 2021.

Cloud Migration

First, cloud migration is a significant custom software development trend this year. With the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses quickly saw the advantages of migrating their resources to cloud computing solutions. For example, many businesses could access their data more accessible. Simultaneously, this portability offered more flexibility for companies working remotely. Notably, many cloud solutions offer higher security than on-premise data storage. Of course, many cloud-based resources can cater better to the customer. If needed, they can access their documents, communicate with your team, or use a company’s application. Indeed, many eCommerce and finance companies are investing in custom software to provide reliable, accessible services for their customers.


Next, containerization is another one of the top trends in the custom software development industry. For example, many development companies install a JFrog container registry to manage their repositories. You can set up a Helm repository by JFrog to access privacy and massively scalable storage with this resource. Indeed, secure, private Helm repositories provide unmatched stability and reliability. This way, you can accommodate your client’s growing user base. Simultaneously, you can accommodate their growing build servers and interactions as well. This scalability is crucial for any growing enterprise, startup, or small business. In short, containerization is a crucial trend to watch out for in the custom software development industry.

Cross-Platform Development

In addition, cross-platform development is another major trend on the rise in the custom software development industry. Importantly, cross-platform tools allow you to build applications for multiple operating systems from a single common code base. This way, you can develop a product for two products at once. For example, you can develop Android and iOS without coding the app twice. With this approach, you can save time by sticking to one coding language for your program. Of course, you can also increase flexibility by making an app compatible with different types of devices. Naturally, this works to cut costs in your development process.

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Low-Code Development

Moreover, low-code development is another trend on the rise in the custom software development industry. According to recent research, low-code app development is expected to account for more than 60% of applications by 2024. Notably, many developers are implementing this approach, as it is one of the fastest ways to build an application without writing actual code. Typically, these platforms offer a visual representation of different development tools. Then, you can drag and drop elements into the user interface. This way, you can leverage your creativity as you build high-quality apps. Simultaneously, many low-code platforms integrate with automation tools and AI as well. Low-code development is a top trend in the custom software development industry with these innovations.

Artificial Intelligence

Furthermore, artificial intelligence is one of the top trends in custom software this year. According to recent research, the global AI software market will reach over $115 billion by 2025. With such high growth from about $9 billion in 2018, AI is a dominant force in today’s tech landscape. For example, you can leverage AI to implement chatbots on your websites and applications. This way, your clients can offer valuable customer service without relying on an employee around the clock. Of course, AI can also improve customers’ experiences in your application. Indeed, you can provide personalized recommendations and reduce human error.

There are several emerging trends in the custom software development industry in 2021. First, many software companies migrate their resources to the cloud to streamline data access. Next, you can install containers to access massively scalable storage for your apps. In addition, cross-platform development is a major trend in the industry. Moreover, you can build apps quickly with a low-code approach. Furthermore, artificial intelligence is a dominant force in the custom application landscape. Consider these points to learn about the latest emerging trends in the custom software development industry in 2021.

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