7 Different Types of Backlinks That Boost Your Website SEO

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Irrespective of all the Google algorithms, one thing that remains constant and helps businesses to boost their website SEO and traffic are backlinks. 

Getting backlinks on the popular and high domain authority websites will improve your site reputation and rankings and improve brand authority. Indeed acquiring backlinks is essential for your website SEO, but getting the right backlink at the right site is something that will make the actual difference. 

Depending on the type of backlinks, you can add value to your website content and inspire the audience to visit your site. When we talk about link building, do-follow and no-follow are two different statuses of links that will diversify the quality of your backlinks. To ensure that you get the right backlink at the right website, you need to be very careful while selecting the types of backlinks.

Now, without any further discussions, let’s jump onto the type of backlinks that you can utilize to boost your website SEO. 

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Most Common Types of Backlinks For Your Website SEO 

1. Guest post backlinks

Guest posting is one of the most common and easiest approaches to get high-quality backlinks. Writing content as a guest post/article on another website and getting a link on a specific keyword is what guest posting is all about. Getting high-quality content posted on another website will improve your visibility and increase the number of traffic to your site. 

To look for the best guest posting site, you need to do some good research. Many websites directly accept guest posts, but for some, you need to outreach. Once you master guest posting outreach, you don’t have to put much effort into generating leads and traffic. 

2. Badge backlinks

Another type of backlinks that will help you to improve your website SEO is badge backlinks. It is one of the clearest techniques that will allow you to come up with a badge that can further be recognized as the status of your brand. 

When the badges are posted on the websites, you will get a backlink for the same, which will grab the audience’s attention and build the customer base. It is recognized as a status symbol. Thus, whenever you plan to get this backlink type, try to find websites per your niche. This will help you get good quality links on branded websites, which will further help you rank higher on Google. 

3. Blog Comments 

Blog comment link building is a trending link building style that many marketers follow to boost traffic. Normally, marketers who work on link building search the blogs relevant to their niche and comment on the same direct keyword-rich anchor text. 

Many people automate the process of blog comments, but if it is done in more quantity and on irrelevant posts, it might frustrate the users and make your website look spammy. Thus, whenever you leave a comment, make sure the blog proves its credibility in the subject. Try to ensure that the site you want to build blog comments is high quality and appealing. 

4. Editorial Backlinks

Another type of backlink that will help you grab visitors’ attention towards your site is editorial backlinks. This type of backlink is used when authoritative websites are willing to give a link to your high-quality content. The primary objective behind this type of backlink is to share the information and support the work. 

So, if you also want to get editorial backlinks, then try to produce strong and excellent content which fits the respective website. 

5. Image/infographic backlinks

Have you thought that a single image can help you get thousands of clicks? Confused? Yes! People love to share visual content in comparison to textual information. Appealingly presenting data grabs attention and allows you to influence the masters to get a link on the site, redirecting yours towards your site. 

Each time your image is saved, the chances to attract visitors increases tremendously. So, if you are looking forward to attribution that inspires you to get a backlink to your site, then start leveraging the power of infographics or educational images. But whenever you plan to build infographic backlinks, try to focus on the design and the content that needs to be added to the infographic.

Moreover, you will be amazed to know that infographics articles generate 178% more backlinks to your site. So, yes, you can consider image/infographic backlinks to boost your website SEO. 

6. Resource page link building 

Website resource pages include helpful links and information related to the topic. Getting a backlink on the resource page will help you share high quality and informative content with the readers, further allowing you to convert visitors into leads. 

Marketers usually ignore taking a link on a resource page. Still, they should keep it in the list as it provides valuable content that will not only encourage the audience but also helps Google to list your site in the top searches. But one thing you need to consider while getting a resource page link building is because the website you are planning to get on is both relevant and authoritative. 

7. Review/Testimonial backlinks

Keeping the current situation in mind, it would not be wrong to say that reviews are one tuning that customer’s don’t miss a check. Review backlinks are in two different formats. When you write a review for another website, you ask them to give you a backlink. Another is when a client adds a review to your site, including a link to your website. 

Whether the case is, getting a testimonial backlink or review backlink will help you boost your organic result and improve SEO. So, what are you looking for? Start finding evidence on Google that links with your website. 

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The Final say 

Getting the right backlink on the best website is vital for improving your website rank. Indeed choosing the best types of backlinks is not a cakewalk, but hopefully, the above checklist will help you decide which backlink can generate excellent results. 

Still, if you want any assistance in making the right choice, feel free to share in the comments below. 

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