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There are many ways to gain new customers and grow your business. One of the most popular and cost-effective tactics is through Buy Google Reviews. The internet is saturated with companies selling fake reviews, but luckily, you need to consider a few key factors to spot the fakes. 

The Difference Between Organic and Paid Reviews

It is important to understand the distinction between organic traffic or paid reviews. Reviews provided by customers are considered organic, while reviews obtained through monetary compensation are called paid.

Organic reviews are essential for building your online credibility. They show that you have an established customer base with positive experiences with your company. On the other hand, Paid reviews can damage your credibility because they show that you’re paying for positive feedback.

Difference Between Organic and Paid Reviews?

The first thing you should look at is the date of the review – if it was written in 2017 but the review was posted in 2018, this might be a sign of a fake review. The trickiest part about spotting fakes is understanding whether or not they were written by someone affiliated with the company in question. If you suspect any of these things to be true, then it’s best to steer clear of that review!

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How to Spot Fake Reviews

As you make an effort to grow your medium or small business through customer reviews, it’s important to know how to spot fake reviews.

Here are a few tips for spotting fake Google Reviews:

  • Be skeptical of Amazon or Yelp reviews written by people who have only reviewed one product.
  • Avoid to buy Google Reviews on Fiverr or any other website that charges extra.
  • Look closely at the bad reviews, the good reviews, the number of stars, and if they’re on any business websites that are not Amazon or Yelp.
  • If the review is vague, consider it potentially fake.

What You Should be Looking for in your Google Reviews

When looking for fake reviews, it’s important to understand what you’re looking for.

The first thing to look at is the “reviewer’s” name. If the reviewer only has one review on your website, this is a red flag. Typically, people who’ve never written a review before will start with something small like a restaurant or store. They won’t jump right into reviewing your business online.

Next, look at the review itself. The best reviews are detailed and tell an authentic story of why they bought from you or became interested in your business.

Finally, be sure to check the profile of the reviewer. Does their profile seem legitimate? Is there any context given about where they live or what they do? A good reviewer will have plenty of information about them so that you know they are an actual person.

A company with fake reviews is trying to trick customers into thinking that their products are better than they are by creating an illusion of popularity. Don’t fall into this trap! Remember these three factors when reading your Google Reviews to spot the fakes!

Why It’s Important to Buy Google Reviews

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Reviews, they’re reviews that appear on a business listing page in the top right corner of the search results. They look like this:

A company with 4.5 stars out of 5 would be considered “very good” by Google’s standards. 

The reviews are usually accompanied by a thumbnail photo of the reviewer and their written review.

Customer reviews are an important part of making your customers want to do business with you. A site like Yelp will list customer reviews for you, but if they’re looking for businesses online, Google is where they’ll find them—and it’s where most people start their search.

Reviews can also help your business grow through word-of-mouth marketing because when someone likes your product or service enough to write about it online, they become an unpaid spokesperson for your company.

Of course, not all reviews are genuine, and some companies resort to paying for positive reviews, which is illegal and difficult to spot unless you know what you’re looking for.


Google Reviews are one of the most important factors for ranking your business on Google. If you have a low number of reviews, it will be harder to rank well in Google. But what are the other factors to consider when buying Google reviews?

It’s important to have a well-written profile, have good content, have a clear call to action, have an optimized website, have an active social media presence, and have good website speed. The more of these factors you have in place, the better your chances of ranking well in Google.

Google Reviews are just one of the many ranking factors that matter. The best way to rank your business high in Google is to combine your efforts with a reputable company that can help you with all aspects of SEO. Trustworthy companies can provide you with the best advice on how to rank your business high in Google without having to invest all your time and money into doing it yourself.

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