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Maintaining high brand visibility is the most common marketing goal, and companies are using all online channels from websites to social media pages and advertising to achieve it. Adding printed stationeries to the mix will give you more options of connecting with the audience in a more intimate manner that leaves a long-lasting impact through the physical interactions.  

To gain a competitive advantage in branding by using printed stationery, you must use branded stationery that you can print in bulk by availing wholesale printing that helps keep costs under control. 

Since the volume of printed stationeries might not be as high to meet the requirements of the wholesale printer, you can still avail of the services by ordering through print resellers. Print resellers accumulate the orders of different customers to achieve the print volumes acceptable by the wholesale printer. 

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Why Go For Bulk Printing?

What constitutes wholesale printing is hard to define because different printers set their levels to differ a lot. It depends on the policies of the respective printing companies. They decide on the quantity according to the scale of operations that match with their business objectives. However, on average, the wholesale volume starts at around 10,000 prints. The optimal level for maintaining the low price makes the printing so much attractive. 

In addition to an affordable price, bulk printing ensures better color consistency and the ease of ordering through print resellers that do not have any minimum quantity requirement. It is of great benefit for small businesses to reap the benefits of bulk printing without ordering high quantities. 

Although wholesale printers have smaller customer bases as they do not cater to the public, they maintain the desired volumes by serving print resellers. On the other side, the role of the middleman played by the print-sellers eases the accessibility problems of the average consumer. 

Price Benefits of Bulk Printing

The story is the same with the wholesale printing business. Anything sold on a large scale amounts to wholesale, and the economies of scale allow wholesalers to keep prices low as they share the cost savings with their customers. The price saving is significant in wholesale printing because, for low quantities, a print that costs $1 in the US can come down to just $0.10 or 10 cents per copy or less, which might sound surprising but true. 

The relation between order volumes and the price is linear or directly proportional, which means that the higher is the volume, the lower is the price, and vice versa. Choosing the right print reseller is the key to getting the lowest price because the aggregate volumes that the reseller offers to the printer determine how low the price will be.

Color Consistency

Printers need to change colors between different jobs, and every change can impact the outcome of the color finish. However, every single color printed in a single batch maintains perfect color consistency. Since the printers schedule their jobs in such a way so that they achieve a high print volume of a single color type, they can maintain good color consistency for different customers. Even if you order 5000 prints of a particular color, every print will look the same because the print was part of a more extensive print run of the same color. Customers who are sensitive to maintain uniformity of color of their printed stationeries would benefit by placing orders on wholesale printers through the print resellers. 

Club all Requirements to Achieve High Volume

Since marketing strategies keep changing and new products are introduced, the variety o marketing stationeries are more although the quantities are more minor. Business cards are big-ticket printing items like the letterheads, while the stationeries required for marketing like pamphlets, flyers, brochures, etc., are of smaller quantities. However, clubbing all the printing requirements can add up to a sizeable amount that can be pretty attractive to print resellers who can fulfill the target of meeting high volumes with just a few orders. The arrangement is mutually beneficial as the price benefits are available to all parties. 

Have Ready Inventory

Printing in bulk reduces the ordering cost as you can place a single once or twice a year to cover the total printing requirement. It helps maintain an inventory of printed items so that there is never a hand-to-mouth situation that calls for interim ordering in smaller lots that will cost more. 

Intermittent ordering of stationery items is not only costly but monitoring the inventory is also a difficult task. It can lead to stock-out situations and result in business disruption that compounds the problems further.

Instead, a more convenient and cheaper option is to order stationers for bulk printing that gives complete peace of mind to business owners, and they can concentrate on their core business activities in a better way.    

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