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Globally, 1.2 billion children have been denied traditional education by COVID-19. It was not so long ago that such a scenario would have seemed bizarre; now, schools and universities seamlessly switch to online classrooms. According to estimates, the online education market will reach $350 billion by 2025. After games and business apps, education apps are the third most popular category on the App Store. We will now discuss the best programming Languages for eLearning app development and guide you through the process of eLearning app development to help your organization remain competitive or discover new start-up opportunities.

So, let’s know about the 10 programming languages that are considered best for eLearning app development

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1. Java

Since Java’s birth, it has consistently been the most popular and highly employed Language for coding mobile apps. As one of the popular mobile development platforms, Java is primarily used for developing desktop applications, backend web frameworks, and Android applications. It uses a JVM that works smoothly on every platform. Due to its long history, Java also has a large community ready to assist users whenever they encounter a technical issue. Hence, it is considered among the best for eLearning app development.

2. JavaScript

Today, JavaScript is so vital to mobile application development that it confirms your status as an expert. A study by Stack Overflow revealed that JavaScript was the most popular programming language of 2017. With its adaptability and simple syntax, JavaScript is observed as a user-friendly programming language. It is considered cost-effective for long-term app development projects like eLearning mobile app development.

3. Python

Python has become popular with enterprises and top business organizations in the past few years. This Language gained popularity due to its ability to provide customers with better results, agility, and user experience. Several portals have positioned Python in the top languages for mobile application development. Python’s specific and basic syntax, which looks like English, makes it easy to understand. Python is an excellent choice for beginners because of these features. Python also supports new-age technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Robotics that position among the best Language for eLearning app development.

4. Ruby

Ruby is another programming language designers use for web development, and it helps shape Ruby on Rails’s structure. Ruby is the most friendly programming language for building online mobile applications, especially for learners, and has a solid and liberal community support system to help you with any issues you encounter. Ruby on Rails powers the online presence of e-learning platforms.

5. PHP

It’s a wonder PHP designers are having a good time since PHP is such a robust programming language. PHP is used for creating dynamic and intelligent web pages since it is a server-side programming language. It can be rooted into HTML code or meshed into web content management systems and frameworks. Moreover, PHP can be used for independent graphical applications as well as CLI (command-line interface).

6. HTML5

HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language of the World Wide Web consortium) has generated significant interest in recent months due to its multi-platform functionality, quick market deployment, and multimedia support. HTML5 can be used to develop web-based mobile applications, just as HTML helps with webpage development. It is possible to create apps for iOS and Android devices using HTML5 since it offers incredible flexibility. It can be supposed that HTML5 is the best Language for eLearning app development.

7. Kotlin

Since Kotlin was introduced to the development community, it has dramatically soared in popularity and has enjoyed the sole Android development language status. On various Q&A sites, Kotlin has recently been listed among the top 10 programming languages for mobile apps. The fame is primarily due to its interoperability, its capability to run on Java Virtual Machines, and its front-end and backend development flexibility. 

8. Swift

One of the popular programming languages for mobile apps is Swift, which has proven distinct and robust. It can be a great choice if you consider a programming language developed by gathering to create iOS applications for iOS and macOS applications. Swift can excel over Objective-C when compared to a programming language that is created by gathering. 

9. C#

The C# language is based on C and is regarded as a more advanced object-oriented language. It has the same syntax as C++ & Java since it is derived from C. C# provides designers with the benefit of building one cross-platform iOS and Android application on Xamarin rather than creating two separate Swift and Java apps. By utilizing the intensity of the Unity engine, you can even use C# to create game-like content, and hence it could be a literal gamechanger on this list of best Language for eLearning app development.

10. BuildFire.js

BuildFire.js uses JavaScript and BuildFire SDK, enabling mobile application developers to quickly build mobile applications using BuildFire’s backend. The software has many modules that represent at least 70% of regular business cases. As a result, designers have to focus on coding the unique functionality the customer needs. By using this Language, development times can be reduced by 40%. It is highly versatile, simple to use, and simple to learn. BuildFire.js can be used to build apps on existing frameworks, making it more convenient for designers. 

Wrapping up

It is pretty easy to list the 10 best programming languages for learning app development. But it It isn’t easy to choose a programming language that works best for all developers of mobile apps. Even if technology changes constantly, the languages listed above will keep up. You can learn another language more quickly if you learn a language. You will recognize the importance of learning more than one Language to enhance your perfection in the domain.

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