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Entrepreneurship is a hectic profession solely, and it gets extra tricky if you are a busy entrepreneur running your Ecommerce business with Shopify. Looking for decent product filter apps that you can use to optimize your product type is time-consuming. Don’t worry! In the following article, we’ll guide you in the quest to find the best Shopify Product Filtering Apps.

What Makes Shopify The Best E-commerce Site For Merchants? 

Shopify has helped businesses reach new heights. But the things that stand out and make Shopify the go-to site are the following:

  • Shopify is straightforward to use and set up.
  • It has a visually appealing online store
  • It is straightforward to integrate apps with Shopify. 
  • You can rely on its security 
  • Extremely fast with up-to-date hardware and software. 
  • It has built mobile-optimized stores. 
  • Dedicated and responsive customer support.
  • Offers easy payment methods.
  • Very SEO friendly

5 Best Shopify Product Filtering Apps In 2022

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1. Smart Search And Amp; Instant Search By Searchanise

This app allows you to create intelligent search filters and recommendations to boost your conversion. You get several valuable features that help your business extensively. Once a customer searches for something on your store, a widget will suggest similar collections and products available based on the words they type immediately. To help your customers find the right thing, even when they make mistakes in typing the product’s name, it has a typo correction feature. 

This app offers a wide range of filters, including tags and reviews. Moreover, it encourages your customers to buy more than one product by showing them the related goods. The best part of using this app as a merchant is getting detailed reports on search queries and analysis of sold products to help you track the performance.

2. Instant Search And Smart Search Filters By CloudSearch

It is one of the best product filters in Shopify as it gives your customers speedy and relevant search results. It excels in giving suggestions so that consumers don’t have to type the entire word or phrase while looking for products. The app allows you to research large data effectively and corrects any typos. It stands out from the rest for many reasons; apart from streamlining your customer’s search process, it also helps them search for products in different languages. This multi-language support combined with custom filters is an exciting tool for merchants and consumers both. 

3. Instant Search By Fast Simon, Inc.

The third in our Shopify apps list is Instant search plus. This app assists in improving your merchandising and search to boost conversions ultimately. When customers search for something, they will get the results immediately with suggestions on the characters they enter. It makes the overall shopping experience delightful and therefore holds consumers’ attention. Using this app, you can filter products and get recommendations free of cost for 30 days as a free trial. Last but not least, this app has features like quick view, Add-To-Cart, and badging. 

4. Omega Instant Search By Omega Commerce

You can use this app to upgrade your store’s search and increase sales. With storefront filtering, this app is very accurate with suggestions. As a merchant, you get a graphically displayed analytics tool to help you identify the demand. Shopify filter products by collection, and this app provide customers the option to filter items directly on a search result page.

5. Instant Search And Filter By UpperCommerce

This app is an excellent tool for product filtering and search—Shopify administrators and hands over competent and instant search results. You get easy to use filter menu with enhanced sales conversion rates. It suggests the exact products consumers want, so you don’t need any configuration. It also saves time by shortening the steps involved in searching for products. Besides, you get a typo correction tool that can auto-check the missing spell. You can get the 14-days free dial and then decide whether to continue using this app or not.

If you’re wondering how to use the product filter in Shopify, read through. 

How to Use Shopify Product Filtering Apps

Shopify, by default, lists all your products in the Products area. You can filter this list to get a smaller subset of the items. This dramatically helps narrow down your search, as filtering your product list leads you to find targeted products that you want to review, edit or update.

These are the filter options available on Shopify:

Product VendorExhibits the products from selected product vendors.

  • Availability

It tells you about those products that are available to a sales network.

Give you details on the status of a product that can be active, archived, or drafted.

  • Tagged with

Gives out the specific value of a tagged product.

  • Product Type

Exhibits the products that fall under selected product types.

  • Collection 

This one is significant to understanding as it shows the available stocks in a collection. Once you select the Shopify collection filter, you can no longer apply other filters or sort by inventory. In the same way, if you have already added any filter, then this option gets disabled.

It tells you the products that have gift cards for your store.

Imagine you have a store where you are selling wearables. If you want to see the list of only your tees, you can use the filter option to search specifically for T-shirts. Then Shopify intelligent search will only show products of that category. 

If you want to make it more well-defined and targeted, then you can go on to add multiple filters. This way, only the products that match all of the conditions appear. 

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