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Include the TikTok social network in your Social Media Plan. It is currently the short video channel with the most activity and influence on the young and proactive public on the Internet.

Discover the keys to creating videos, know the tricks of the algorithm, when to publish, frequency, how to use keywords, links, trends, how to create a community and promote participation in engagement groups for each topic, etc.

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What is TikTok?

TikTok is very similar to Instagram. Instead of being a photo retouching social network, it is a short video editor of 15 and/or 60 seconds.

How to cut a video on TikTok

The duration of TikTok videos can be from 15 seconds to 1 minute and record at different speeds.

You can record videos directly from the Tik Tok App using pauses to record different moments. You can also upload videos from your mobile gallery pre-created in other video applications or create videos from images and photos and other videos recorded with the mobile, both in portrait and landscape format.

You can edit the videos. For example, if they are longer than one minute, select the fragment of the video you want to share.

You can also create a video with multiple images, edit and sync multiple videos.

To record, it is not necessary that you constantly press the record button, use the timer that appears in the right column and select the seconds to start recording.

The record button can be discontinuous. That is, you can record a stop fragment, record another stop fragment, and so on until you have finished composing your video. This is very useful for making video transitions.

There are many tools you can use to create a customized video for TikTok. I use FlexClip video maker a lot. This tool can create TikTok Videos and create any other type of videos like promo videos, Youtube Videos, movie trailers, etc.


It is important that in each video you publish, you use hashtags like on Instagram to position yourself in the App, and if someone searches for topics related to yours, they will find you.

It is always important in TikTok content to have a hashtag of your own or corporate theme, another of trends or challenge, and some of Geolocation.

It also helps the TikTok Algorithm know what topics you work on and show you to the public related to those topics.

Posts with hashtags can reach spectacular reach and go viral on TikTok.

There are TikTok accounts with videos with up to a million views, thanks to hashtags.

The ideal number of hashtags is between 5 and 7, do not include many more so that the algorithm does not penalize you.

As on Instagram, some influencers use them, but if you are not a celebrity, you better use them to have a greater reach.


You can personalize your videos with texts, stickers, gifts, Instagram “”stories”” style, and look for your own style, a Look & Field that makes users recognize your videos without seeing your username.

You can put texts on the video throughout the static video, or with measured time, edit the text, click on the text, and on the edit option, click to decide when you want each text to appear.

You can also use the text to indicate your brand, TikTok account, thematic keywords, and warning signs. You can make YES / NO queries, share comments from your followers, etc.

The TikTok video editor also has zoom, so if you want to use it while recording, you have to click the record button-up, and it will zoom in or out.

In TikTok, you can broadcast live when you exceed 1,000 followers.


You can make videos with other users. They are called DUOS. Even with users you know nothing about or have connected through the App, click on the DUO option when you have chosen a video of that person (users must have this option configured ).


The karaoke option is not known or not used by many people, but you can sing a fragment of a song as if it were karaoke. Click on music in the upper part, and then in the right column, you press the note’s icon with scissors. You can cut out the fragment you want to sing.


The best time to post is between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m., and it is also when the community is most active.

The thing is that TikTok sometimes changes when you publish your video, it spreads it and goes viral right away, and there are times that it can go viral for three days.

In the first minute of being public, more users from different digital tribes commented and shared it and more interaction with users with more active followers.


The publications can be saved in draft before publishing them, and then you can edit the text and hashtags whenever you want. It is important to erase everything accumulated and even use the option “Free up space” in the “Settings and privacy” area so that the App and the algorithm run much better and your videos have more reach.


As with any other algorithm of any other social network, the more you share on other social networks, the more reach the TikTok App will give you.

That means that as soon as you publish, you must share that video on other social networks. I recommend Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, since they are social networks with much dynamic traffic and can generate very effective feedback.


The PRO profiles of TikTok are free are the profiles of creators like those of Instagram. You can change to this option in “Settings”. This type of profile allows you to access the statistics of your account, know at what time your users connect, from which places they come, ages, topics, etc.

You can see which videos of yours have appeared in “For you” and refine your themes and video style proposals.


You must participate in the TikTok “Challenge.” It is essential to integrate into the community, the lifestyle, inputs, etc. Your followers understand that if you are on TikTok, you come to entertain in a fun way!

There are several daily challenges where you can create your own video, with the song or the hashtag of the challenge of the day, save it to use later, and save the songs that other users have shared to use them later in your videos.

In searches, they will show you the hashtags that are most active at the moment.

There are websites like Influencers Marketing Hub, where you will find a calculator that will tell you the approximate price of your content and more tips that are coming out daily.


In social networks, we know that the factor that generates the most return is perseverance, being at the right time.

Being consistent on TikTok means uploading at least one video a day and always trying to interact with the community.

The ideal is to create three correlative videos of the same theme a day. For example, create a series of videos of: “TIPS DE TIKTOK” explaining the step by step of creating Tiktok videos.

Ideally, make videos of 15 seconds each with a tip (leave 15 minutes of time when publishing the videos). Or a 60-second video with three tips.

You have to think that TikTok does not want to wait a long time to know what the video or your account is about, so it is essential to generate an image that immediately transmits that essence that makes you different and connects empathizes with your audience.

Social networks are communities of people who connect to entertain and get to know each other. They are spaces for relationships between like-minded people from the same area. It is like making groups in the schoolyard. You can be the leader.

Some people have that “showman” point that immediately connects with people and amass followers, but as we analyzed in the Influencers Masterclass, it has been shown that they do not “convert” so many clients. They only generate visualizations in more, that it is interesting to do Branding of brands and products, but it does not mean increased sales.

On the other hand, an account on TikTok with a community of about 500 followers can be much more “influencing” real since those who follow it will be interested in those accounts and content. These types of accounts cost much more to create.

In addition, it must be said that TikTok, to launch the market hires Celebrities to make videos, and thus it becomes “fashionable” to use that social network.

Although it is the only real opportunity to create valuable content on TikTok, at the moment, it is the only social network that has an organic reach, not a paid one, as if it has Instagram or Facebook, although it is not currently very successful, like all digital tools “burn” ” from non-professional use.

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