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Does laser treatment for skin work?


There are various unpleasant skin conditions that affect the Asian population more than others like the Western population. Many factors contribute to these skin problems such as hot weather and too much sun exposure, genetics and skin colour as well as pollution. With the advancement in dermatological care nowadays, people have more access to plenty of aesthetic treatments such as laser skin treatment.

Common skin problems faced by the general population here in Asia are such as acne and its scars, saggy skin, pigmentation, sunburn, wrinkles, and pre-cancerous skin conditions. Popular cosmetic products that often used by the mass are like creams, ointments, and supplements for skin problems. However, these methods usually take a long time and their efficacy often poor in achieving desirable results. The use of laser technology in the aesthetic industry enabling not only quick but also an effective treatment among these common skin problems.

How many types of laser treatments are there and do they work?

Historically, skin laser treatments have been developed for more than 40 years with much refined and safer techniques being used to treat multiple skin conditions. The types of laser treatments are CO2 fractional laser, Erb-YAG laser, non-ablative laser, and light-based treatments. All of these modalities worked on the same principle which is natural healing from the patient’s own body by a new formation of collagen and elastin structure after the old and unwanted skin layer is destroyed.

CO2 fractional laser uses light energy which is short-pulsed to minimize skin damage and have excellent skin penetration and precision. The recovery period following this treatment usually takes about 5-7 days. It can be used for many of the skin problems listed above with minimal side effects like redness, temporary pigmentation, and dry scaly skin. These outcomes often resolved during the recovery period or a bit longer in some people.

Another popular laser treatment is the Erb-YAG laser which stands for erbium- yttrium- aluminum- garnet. This form of laser has been shown to have even lesser side effects as it has a moderate level penetration with but precise ablation. Therefore, patients often found themselves recovering quicker with this method and fewer side effects. However, due to its use of rare minerals, the treatment is much expensive in many aesthetic clinics

Other forms of laser treatment also include light-based treatment. Technically it is not a laser treatment but it uses similar principles with less damaging effects seen as in laser treatments. Examples of such treatment are high radio-frequency, ultrasound and intense light therapy.

Lastly is the non-ablative laser treatment. This form of laser treatment is usually used on the small vessels to treat conditions such as spider naevus, rosacea, stretch marks, and birthmarks. It is used to break down small capillaries which then make the body healed by itself while reducing the side effects seen in ablative laser treatments above. The results are also immediate and highly effective.

Laser skin treatment has become more popular among working people due to its relatively quick results while providing safe and effective treatments for the skin conditions they are having. However, with any other treatment in medicine, patients also have to play their roles like following the rules before and after the treatment in maximizing the benefits while preventing any adverse outcomes for them.


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