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There is no denying that mobile apps have become effective ways to reach and interact with a large number of users. Mobile apps are dominating the digital business world and generating profits for businesses of all types and sizes. App development companies and technology companies embrace the latest technologies to improve the functionality and performance of mobile apps. 

Cloud computing is a highly advanced technological innovation that has the real potential to enhance the features of mobile applications. This technology is making groundbreaking changes in the mobile market, allowing more and more app developers to harness the power of cloud technology for app development. The mobile cloud market has reached a value of 30.71 billion in 2020, and it is projected to reach 118.70 billion by 2026.

It provides app developers and cloud service providers with exciting and lucrative opportunities to penetrate the market. Nowadays, cloud apps are getting immense popularity for a variety of reasons. High-performance mobile cloud apps can be stored with desired data on any device and accessed through web browsers. From management to infrastructure to seamless integration and a high level of security, cloud apps are the better and secure solutions for your business.

If you have a great mobile app idea and want to start the development process, it is advised to integrate cloud computing technology into your mobile app development project. Let’s explore why building a cloud app is a brilliant idea to grow your business.

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1. Work on Both Platforms

When it comes to native app development, you need to write code for iOS and Android platforms. However, cloud app development gives you the flexibility to write a single code that can work on both operating systems. It makes it super easier for app developers to decide whether to write code for Android or iOS. There is no need to deal with computability issues as the cloud app is compatible across multiple platforms. Furthermore, launching your app for both platforms will increase your chances of getting more downloads, eventually leading to more profit.

2. Low Mobile App Development Cost

How much it costs to build a mobile app depends on several factors, and development platform choice is one of them. Creating a native app for iOS and Android platforms will cost you more than building a cloud app. Cloud-based app development is a cost-effective option for startups and small businesses. Unlike native app development, you don’t need to create two separate versions for both platforms, you have to build the app once, and it will work perfectly on both platforms.

Startups and small businesses with a limited budget should consider cloud app development as it will save you the significant amount of money you need to build a high-performance and feature-packed mobile app.

3. Faster Mobile App Development

When it comes to native app development, the development team takes a lot of time and effort. Adding highly advanced features requires the professional help of app developers, which will eventually increase the time required to finish the mobile app development project. However, a cloud-based development platform allows app developers to build apps faster. Today, faster application development has now become one of the most important requirements of businesses. The cloud-based development platform is equipped with APIs, pre-packaged functions, security, integration, and back-end connection to reduce the time needed for mobile app development significantly. It will make it easier for app developers to build a robust app in a shorter period of time and meet customers’ demands.

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4. No Need to Install

Today’s consumers are very lazy. They find installing applications a tedious and time-consuming task. Thanks to cloud computing that eliminates the need to download the app to the device to function. All you need to do is use it directly from the mobile browser to use the user interface – no need for installation.

Cloud-based apps run directly from the cloud and automatically update to ensure smooth and better performance. A cloud-based app acts like a web-based application that interacts directly with the cloud and fetches important data. It enables them to work super-fast and offer a memorable user experience. 

5. Safe and Secure Option

If truth be told, data storage is one of the best reasons to choose cloud computing for your next mobile app development project. Since all the important data is stored in the cloud, there are no chances of lost information. A cloud-based server stores all important information across multiple servers that are regularly backed up highly efficiently.

It will significantly reduce the chances of security breaches and data loss, making it a secure option for your brand and your customers. The extensive network of servers stores data and backups all the data that can always be accessed and recovered. In short, storing data on the cloud is a secure and safe way to protect your and your customers’ data.

6. Database Integration

Database integration is important to make sure your app is running smoothly. For many app developers, importing the database information to connect with the app is time-consuming. Thanks to cloud computing technology that makes database integration simpler. The information is synced with a cloud server, saving you much time writing code to integrate your data.

7. Highly Scalable

Cloud-based applications are scalable and reliable, allowing developers to make necessary changes in the application easily. It helps mobile app development companies create apps that fulfill customers’ demands and make important tweaks even after the app is launched. The remarkable ability to tweak and make changes separate cloud-based apps from native apps. It allows businesses to develop apps that provide the best possible user experience, thereby generating huge profits for your business.

To Sum, All Things Up

Hopefully, now you have a clear idea of why choosing cloud computing technology is a better idea for your mobile app development project. The benefits of developing cloud apps are never-ending, from security to scalability, cross-platform compatibility, low app development cost, faster development time, and easy data recovery. So, consider cloud mobile app development for your next project to meet the demands of consumers and stay ahead of the game in the competitive mobile market.

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