From “Oh Dear” to “Good Idea”: How to Choose the Right Webinar Topic

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The topic of any presentation or event can make or break how successful it is. Whether it is your first time hosting a webinar or your webinars are not quite hitting the mark, here are a few top tips for choosing the right webinar topic for your audience. 

Understand your target audience, their needs, and their pain points  

Firstly, ask yourself what demographics you are hoping to appeal to. This might be the same as your target market or a slightly narrower, the untapped audience you are hoping to target with this technique specifically. 

Once you have identified your target audience, take the time to understand what they want and need from a business and a webinar. You should also consider their pain points, as this can help you achieve your aims and increase conversions. 

What is it that you want to achieve? 

What is a webinar if not a multi-purpose communication and marketing tool? You can utilize a webinar in many ways, from advertising a product and demonstrating its benefits to conducting polls and surveys, even for educational purposes, or a mix of it all. 

Determine what it is that you want to achieve from your webinar. If you want to increase sales, for example, then you might opt for a product demonstration and Q&A. However, if you want to cement your brand as a thought leader in the industry, you might want to educate your audience and include a short call to action at the end. 

Identify any knowledge gaps in the market 

Do your research to determine what content your competitors have already produced. This can give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t. This research will also provide useful insights into potential areas that have not been covered as much as they should have. Finding a knowledge gap will set you apart from your competitors and further support your authority as a leading brand. 

Ask people what they want. 

To maximize attendance, your chosen topic needs to be something your audience wants to hear. So, what better way to find out what they want to know than by asking them personally? Utilize your subscriber or mailing lists to ask for suggestions and promote that you are addressing topics requested by real customers. 

Answer your most frequently asked questions 

Similarly, you might dedicate the webinar to answering your customers’ most frequently asked questions. Again, you can use this as a selling point for your webinar – you are answering real questions asked by real customers. This shows that you are dedicated to nurturing a relationship with your customers, which can boost customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty. 

Solve a problem 

Now that you know what topic you will focus on for your webinar, the next step is to consider your approach. The most successful webinars are typically those that highlight a problem and then solve it. Showing how your product, service, or business can solve a common issue in the industry will evidence your expertise and set you apart from your competitors, as customers will have seen just how safe they are in your hands.

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