Google Chrome Update: Gets Security Features Like Touch & Face ID

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Chrome Security Features

Google has rolled out some of the security features on Chrome for Android and iOS. The latest Chrome update is Chrome 86 which is out today with the support of Touch and Face ID. If your password has been compromised, it will let you know.

Chrome Gets Security Features on Android & iOS

Google Chrome Update: Gets Security Features Like Touch & Face ID
Google Chrome Update: Gets Security Features Like Touch & Face ID

The new update lets you know if there is any glitch which you need to fix.

In a blog, Google said,

“To check whether you have any compromised passwords, Chrome sends a copy of your usernames and passwords to Google using a special form of encryption. This lets Google check them against lists of credentials known to be compromised, but Google cannot derive your username or password from this encrypted copy.”

Support for Web standard is added which allows the websites to submit the password change URLs to access it easily. This feature will allow Chrome to take users directly to the webpage to change the password after they have got an alert message that they have been compromised in a data leak.

In Chrome 86, Google has rolled out a few security features for the users. Features like Enhanced Safe Browsing for Android. With this feature Chrome will protect you against any malware, phishing, or any dangerous site. As it will share real-time data with Google’s Safe Browing service.

Earlier, this year, Enhanced Safe Browsing was released for desktop. With this, they have seen a 20% drop in the users entering their passwords to dangerous sites.

For iOS users, Chrome is bringing biometric authentication step before auto-filling any password. With this feature, you can authenticate your Face ID, Touch ID or phone passcode. You can enable Chrome autofill option in Settings, so Chrome Password Manager will allow you to autofill saved passwords to iOS browsers or apps.

For Android user, Chrome 86 has brought “Mixed Form Warnings“. It will alert the users before they submit a non-secure form which is embedded in an HTTPS page. As these pages have security risks by providing the users to download from non-secure links. If there are any insecure downloads on the page, it will block or warn the users.

In the next update, Chrome is bringing Safety Check to Android and iOS device. It will check compromised passwords and will inform you if the Safe Browsing is enabled or not. And it will also inform you that the chrome which you are using is the latest version with security or not.

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