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The entire hubbub around NFTs has driven everyone crazy. But rightly so, artists have gained recognition and made millions. Additionally, they were once where you are- just starting. Therefore, let us take you through the entire procedure. After all, it is not as complex as it seems. NFTically helps in creating a white-labeled marketplace without any technical knowledge. So, if you have always wanted to start your own NFT Marketplace and don’t know where to start, you know where to go. Start quickly on a user-friendly interface with NFTically.

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What are NFTs?

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens. This means that they are digital assets in art and are irreplaceable, scarce, and cannot be duplicated. Therefore, they are precious. Once you buy an NFT, you get the digital certificate of ownership and authenticity. This tokenized NFT Art has made millions in the NFT marketplace. Furthermore, with everyone raving about these crypto collectibles, let us clear your doubts.

What can all be sold as NFTs?

Absolutely anything that can be put in a computerized file. For example; 

  • Signed sports memorabilia
  • Digital paintings
  • Memes
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Music
  • In-game items
  • Graphics
  • Animations
  • Articles 
  • Caricatures, and so much more. 

Due to the infancy of the entire NFT revolution, there are hardly any restrictions for what can be converted into NFTs. The process of creating your work into NFTs is called ‘minting.’ While minting, just keep a few things in mind. 

Be careful in what you invest in because if it is copyrighted or belongs to a franchise, the chances are that it can be revoked. I would say convert your art into NFTs and not pre-existing content. 

What do I need to know before starting?

All you need to know is the procedure to follow:

1. Create a digital wallet

An essential step. This is crucial because when you start your NFT journey, you have to secure the cryptocurrency that you will use to deal with the NFT Art. It would help if you had the cryptocurrency to buy, sell, create and mint the NFT Art. There are thousands of free wallet resources where you can securely store your cryptocurrency for free. 

2. Create Your Collection

Just click create and assimilate your collection. Add social links, banners, descriptions, profiles and set a stipulated secondary sales fee. 

3. Add your NFTs

After creating your collection, you must upload your work (TXT, JPEG, GIF, MP3, etc.). Don’t forget to add a description, title and customize it with the properties, stats, and unlockable content. And just like that, you will have listed your NFT on the NFTically Marketplace. 

4. List them for sale

Ultimately, you have to choose whether to auction your NFT, set a fixed-price listing, or decline-price listings. Accordingly, you will be assisted, and your NFT will land the best deal possible. Be on the lookout for your revenue. 

How do I make NFTs?

1. File your NFT Art

There are multiple ways to sell your creations on the NFT store. Whether a GIF, JPEG, MP3, TXT, or PNG, it can be anything. Just create absolutely anything; it can be funny, artistic, or even a parodied VIP figure. 

2. List it on an NFT marketplace with the price.

There are different procedures for every NFT store when it comes to minting. Nonetheless, they are all easy to follow and comprehensible. Depending on the NFT marketplace you decide to choose, you must create an NFT and set a price. Setting a price can either be a detailed though market analysis or a shot in the dark. The future of your NFT is dependent on the bidding, of course, but you always set the base price. 

3. Wait till the bidding starts

Finally, once you list your artwork, anyone can bid on your NFT Art. Being discovered is difficult unless you are already established; however, you can easily promote yourself. Most marketplaces have varied and diverse communities across social media platforms where you can promote yourself.

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Where can I sell NFTs?

NFTically is the best marketplace to create your white-labeled marketplace and sell your own NFT. To offer a user-friendly interface and accessibility to these crypto collectibles; with easily understandable steps, you can create your own NFT store in just 4-steps. 


Creating your first NFTs can be extremely daunting. There will be times where your NFTs will not be auctioned off. But the truth is that the NFT marketplace is an unforeseeable platform where things might or might not work. All you have to do is put on your investing Sherlock hat and be vigilant. 

For more information regarding NFT stores and digital art, keep reading!

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