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In this world of technology, it’s hard to imagine life without a valid email ID. Being in the market for so long, Yahoo Mail has that old-world charm in it. If you face Yahoo Mail not working on any devices like Android, Mac, iPad, iPhone, then you have found the right place. We’ll talk about the top solutions to fix why you can’t get Yahoo Mail to work. Many problems are caused by incorrect/invalid settings on your device or a specific problem with your Yahoo Mail ID. These solutions will help you a lot. Let’s take a look.

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Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working Problem For Android

There may be endless reasons for Yahoo Mail not working on Android. Below we have mentioned some of the most common solutions to help you fix this problem.

  • Ensure your device receives the correct signal when connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.
  • Ensure your data packet is not complete when you are connected to the Internet via mobile data,
  • Try opening any website in your browser and see if the Internet is working correctly.

1. Review permissions for your Android app

You may be experiencing login issues with your Yahoo email as you have not been granted the required permission in the Android app. It is recommended that you review your Android app authorization and make sure it is enabled.

2. Change Your Phone Number

If you change your old number to a new one on the same Android device, you may not install the Yahoo Mail app. You will need to add this unique mobile number to your Yahoo Mail account.

3. Using the Non-Yahoo Mobile App

If you have implemented 2-step verification or account lock in your Yahoo Mail account, you may not be able to access Yahoo Mail in other third-party email applications that do not use the Yahoo login page. Therefore, you must create an app password to access your Yahoo mail account in a non-Yahoo application.

Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Not working on Mac

You can go through the solutions below to fix Yahoo Mail not working on Mac.

  1. Check Internet Connection

A good internet connection is needed to connect to Yahoo! Email as an online email service. If the launch of Yahoo Mail is interrupted and disconnected, the first thing you should check is your network connection.

2. Check if Yahoo Mail works without Mac Mail

It is best to check whether Yahoo Mail works on non-Mac Mail platforms. The best way to find out is to open a mail account in your default browser and get to see the real problem.

3. Check for viruses

Sometimes malicious software can access your system. Such malware can reduce the performance of applications. You need to scan your Mac with good antivirus software to confirm the suspicion. Computer viruses can be removed with the help of your antivirus program.

4. Update your macOS

There are many ways to update your computer’s OS. You can start by looking for updates within the app or downloading an active program from Apple’s website.

5. Quit and Relaunch Mac Mail:

An easy way to find a solution for Yahoo! Mail problem restarting Mac Mail, a potential problem for Yahoo! Fail email will stop if you stop the application and restart it.

Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working On iPhone and iPad

Use the tips below to fix common Yahoo not working on iPhones and iPad.

1. Sign in, then sign out of your iPhone or iPad account

Privacy issues usually cause the error in Yahoo. If you do not log out of your ID, Yahoo will log out without notifying you and creating a problem with post-performance. Therefore, you need to re-login to your Yahoo Mail account.

2. Update your iOS system to the latest version

If you have not updated your iPhone and iPad to the latest version of iOS firmware, continue with the update process because Yahoo may not work with outdated iOS. Sometimes, users update the Yahoo app from the App store but forget to update the iOS version. So, review both items.

3. Restart your iPhone and iPad

Also, restarting your device may fix this issue. In some cases, if you do not restart your device for a few weeks, it may cause real problems for the performance of various applications, especially those with privacy issues. Just restart your iPhone to see if this problem is solved or not. These troubleshooting steps are working to fix the Yahoo mail not working on the iPad.

 We all grew up with this email service. New features have been added to make it faster and easier for the user. Sometimes for several reasons, connectivity issues can occur. But now, you know the tips and tricks to deal with such problems quickly.

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