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Instagram is one of those growing social platforms where you always feel secure and safe because this network is so concerned about the security of its users. As for starting a profile on Instagram, you have two options at your disposal. You can either go for a personal profile, use it to connect with your loved ones and friends only. Or you can make a business profile to expand your business and its presence online. The decision is up to you to make and take. 

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1. Unlimited content and photos

Having a social profile on Instagram is such a blessing itself; you get a chance to connect with too many people throughout the world regardless of race, culture, ethnicity, county, and religion. If you love socializing with people, knowing more about their cultures, and exploring the traditions of different people, then Instagram is just the right application for you.

In addition, you are going to find everything for your interest available on your account. For instance, if you cherish spending time in natural landscapes, you’d definitely love to view beautiful pictures, and videos of serene, peaceful, and mesmerizing; not only that, these landscape pictures and media content are captured by different people, but also at different places. You will never run out of beautiful pictures of mountains, hill points, rivers, lakes, sunlight, sunrise, sunset, moon, and galaxies on Instagram.

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2. Following others

The best feature of Instagram is that you can follow other people and connect with them. You have the freedom to view their posts, have a chat with them through private messaging, and explore their content once you follow them. However, if a user has a private account and wishes to be their friend, you must send them a request first to view whatever they post on their profile page. Once you start following someone on Instagram, you become a follower.  

You might have just started using Instagram, and you may not know where to find all the contacts you are following on Instagram. For that, you can simply go to your profile page, click on the following, and you will get a list of all the Instagram users whom you are following and with whom you are friends.

How to see who is following you?

People believe that they only get followers on Instagram when the account is public, which is not valid. Even if your account is not public, you may still get requests from your loved ones, as when you join Instagram, they may see you under suggested contacts on their contact lists. However, you may not get as many followers as you want on your private account unless you make it fully public. When you make your account public, it is viewable by everyone, and you will appear as a suggested contact on the feed of your friends and then their friends. 

Whenever someone starts following you on Instagram, you get an email. The email includes the name of the person/username who is following you on Instagram. You may expect to get from a few hundred to thousands of followers on your Instagram every day; it depends on what you are sharing and how popular you are on your account. 

If you are an influencer on Instagram, making and sharing videos on makeup tutorials, you are likely to have more female followers than male ones. It is logical as women tend to have a more intense interest in makeup, so your content also determines the gender of your followers naturally, and it does not take much time to guess what your followers will be.

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Checking your followers

When you login into your Instagram account, you can view several options. One is home, another is followers, and the third one is following. When you click on the followers, it takes you to another page showing the usernames of the person or Instagram user following you. The page contains all the details of the timeline, as when someone exactly started to follow you on your page, you can click on the username to view the profile of that particular user or person as well. 

When you log into your Instagram account, the page also shows the exact number of followers following you. And you can also view all the people whom you are following on their pages. Please don’t confuse the followers with following, the former refers to the people who follow you, and the latter refers to the ones you follow on their pages. 

Whenever someone starts to follow you, get a notification through the email and your Instagram feed. If you check the notifications, it shows the details of the Instagram user who follows you, and it also displays the exact time for that. For instance, if your friend Cindy started to follow you two weeks ago, the time will be displayed next to her username. This feature helps you track down the number of followers that you are getting every day on your page.

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