iTop VPN Review: Is It Still Best Option in 2022?

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Having a VPN is mandatory in these fast-paced modern days when everything is connected. The Internet of all surely gives us many benefits. But, we can’t say that it’s a technological advancement that’s completely perfect.

In a time when every device and person is seamlessly connected to the Internet, a risk of a cyberattack is always lingering on every corner. Now is the best time to protect yourself. If you don’t prefer a dependable VPN service, we’d like to introduce a great option for you to try.

ITop VPN is often praised as one of the best free VPN services with many advantages and great services. It offers free and paid plans for the user to pick. Although the free version is quite decent, the paid one surely offers much better value.

Free users gain approximately 700MB data stream a day, which means 21 GB a month. If you compare it to the competitors, that amount is larger than HotSpot Shield but still ungenerous compared to other bigger companies.

What is the Best Time to Use iTop VPN?

Although many brands are present on the market, the way VPNs work is essentially the same. They work by masking your original IP, the one door to get your secret identity. Now that your IP is masked, you can easily surf the Internet without getting worried about malicious attacks or content blockage in a particular area.

With your IP hidden, you can also enjoy other content from your original area. For example, although the government blocks a certain website in your area, you can still access it by connecting your Internet to a server outside your area using a VPN.

Using a VPN can be much safer when exploring the Internet. Although malware exposure is irresistible, you can at least mitigate it to the lowest by using this method. On occasion, using a VPN also enables a quicker internet connection.

The iTop VPN works well as a virtual private network service by offering many advantages in simple UI, generous data stream amount, and a wide range of servers.

DNS Protection

You can also have this VPN for the Windows version, which we could say works well. It has much usable stuff, including the kill switch. There’s also split tunneling and DNS protection that may further protect you from harm.

How Much iTop VPN Costs?

If you wish to try it for the first time, we highly recommend subscribing for a month by paying around $12. It’s not that affordable, but you may get a lot of features and other conveniences with it. 

The longer plans are available, and usually, they cost less. Let’s do a quick count. If you pick a yearly plan, the monthly fee would be $4.17, a fair price we might add. The price goes even cheaper in longer plans. 

iTop VPN also offers a money-back guarantee for weekly and monthly plans. So, you may rest assured knowing that you’ll get your money back if the VPN service doesn’t work as expected. 


With many features that exist and what the software may offer for its paid users, iTop is recommendable to all. If you want to try a VPN for the first time, take your time to have the free version of iTop VPN. It is a powerful VPN indeed.

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