Kfconsole Real or fake specs price release date pre order and more


KFConsole was introduced via Twitter in June with a video shared by KFC Gaming about its new gaming console “equipped with a chicken chamber.” The public became so curious, most laughed at the idea of being able to cook food while playing video game on the gadget. They thought it was just a prank as it came out after Sony unveiled PlayStation 5. Well, not really.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday, Dec 23, Intel PR rep Mark Walton confirmed that the KFConsole is real. “Yes it’s real. Yes, it’s powered by Intel. And yes, it has a chicken warmer,” Walton said on Twitter.

KFConsole Real or Fake Specs, Price, Release Date, Pre-order, and MORE!!!

(Photo : Mark Walton/Twitter)
KFConsole Real or Fake Specs, Price, Release Date, Pre-order, and MORE!!!

KFConsole: Real or Fake?

While it is true that fast-food chain KFC (long known as Kentucky Fried Chicken) released its own gaming console, it cannot cook food, according to CNET. Instead, it has a built-in chicken-warming chamber, which was showed off in another video released by KFC Gaming on Twitter on December 23.

KFC Console Specs

KFC Gaming mad a very strong claim on Twitter. “”The console wars are over,” the tweet said as the KFConsole was unveiled.

Without the gimmicks, it is an actual gaming console that is comparable to new-gen consoles like Microsoft Xbox Series X or Sony PlayStation 5 as it boasts powerful specs that every gamer would want.

The new KFConsole is developed by Cooler Master for KFC and its expert Mod team led by Swedish craftsman Timpelay went over and beyond expectations to create this beast. The gaming console is housed in a small, powerful, and customized Cooler Master NC100 chassis.

It boasts with Intel Nuc 9, Core i9 9th Gen CPU, ASUS swappable GPU slot, and PCIe NVMe that provides six times faster speed and load games in seconds. More importantly, two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSD takes the performance, efficiency, and reliability to the next level.

Cooler Master also boasted that the KFConsole is VR Ready and supports Ray Tracing, 240 FPS with up to 240 GHZ for smooth 4K TV gaming.

KFConsole Price, Pre-order, Release Date, Controller

Although Cooler Master’s website said that “The KFConsole has arrived,” it did not mention when and how people can avail this new device. The website has provided the specs of this console beast, which is shaped like the KFC bucket, and how it can warm food. However, there is not much known about the new KFConsole yet as of this writing.

Details about the KFConsole’s price, release date, and pre-order process is not yet available. There is also no information on what controller will be used to play the console. Similarly, KFC Gaming did not clarify how the Health and Safety rules are followed with this 2-in-1 device.

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