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Mech-Mind is a robotics company that specializes in 3D vision, motion planning, and deep learning for robotics. The company was founded in 2016 and has raised over $200 million in funding. Its main product is the Merced Mech-Eye Industrial 3-D camera and machine vision software. The robots can automatically detect parts in random piles and use advanced algorithms to choose the right application.

The company’s Industrial 3D vision software is widely used in many industries, including auto manufacturing plants, logistics warehouses, hospitals, and banks. Their solutions are also deployed in steel plants and automobile plants.

Some Ways You Can Use

They can also be utilized in food processing, banks, and hospitals. The applications are endless. The technology is robust and affordable, allowing customers to make the most of their automated warehouses. In addition, customers can use Mech-Mind solutions to improve their production and safety.

With Mech-Mind, you can simulate a complete manufacturing process from start to finish. Engineers can test the logic of the entire process, the layout of robot stations, and the gripper designs.

Is It Possible Without Cells?

Artificial intelligence-guided automatic robotic path planning is also possible without physical data from robot cells. With this software, you can test any AI-guided robot control scheme before deploying it in the real world.

Mech-Mind’s Nano Industrial 3D Camera uses self-developed structured light technology to produce high-quality 3D images. This industrial 3D camera uses a fast-scanning laser to generate a complete point cloud and native color.

Its resolution is over 1 mm at 0.3-0.4 m, suitable for a wide range of objects. This camera is compatible with most industrial robots and is designed to see through the surface of objects.

Is it Made For Industrial purposes?

The company’s 3D laser industrial 3D cameras have been used in over a thousand industries. Mech-Eye Laser offers extra-depth accuracy and can image a wide field of view.

Mech-Eye Deep features a laser-based laser that can distinguish different-sized wrinkled sacks. Unlike the ABB robot, the Mech-Eye Laser L is designed to handle millions of objects in a single day.

The mech-Mind industrial 3D camera is part of a complete automated solution. It has a code-free programming system that aims to reach a speed of 1000 cartons per hour with 10s cycle time. The Mech-Eye deep can pick three cartons and weighs 30kg. The software is compatible with most industrial robots and is easy to use.

The Mech-Eye Nano uses fast, structured light to generate a point cloud that is complete and accurate. It can recognize a variety of objects, which meet specific industrial needs. It also uses a camera with a wide field of view (FOV) to detect objects. This camera has a 1700mm FOV and a 1,000x1200x1300 pixel sensor.

It Can Detect Objects In Dark

Its Mech-Eye Laser Industrial 3D camera overcomes problems associated with ambient light interference, which reduces the ability to acquire images. Its fast laser-generated structured light allows it to detect objects in dark environments, reducing the need for shading facilities. The Mech-Eye Nano is compact and has an IP65 rating, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Mech-Eye Nano has a wide field of view and extra depth accuracy.

The Mech-Eye Nano is a cost-efficient industrial 3D camera with small, lightweight housing. Its graphical vision software reduces the need for extensive and expensive shading facilities. The Mech-Eye Nano can also be mounted on the arm. Its IP65-certified design prevents dust and dirt from getting inside. The Mech-Eye Nano’s advanced technology is suited for manufacturing, construction, and logistics.

Mech-Viz has two cameras that guide the robot to alternate pallets. The robot uses the host control system to receive signals from the cartons. When the robot sees a carton, it triggers the camera to take a picture of it. The Mech-Viz combines the various poses to find the most suitable grasping point for the robot. Then, the robotic arm moves to the next carton.

Mech-Mind 3D Vision System Specs Details

The Mech-Mind Industrial 3D vision system automates the process of picking apart from a pile that is randomly placed. Using the company’s AI software and 3D vision camera, the robot can pick and place the part accurately, saving time and money. The technology enables the automation of many industrial processes, including welding, painting, inspection, and packaging. As a result, it reduces labor costs and enhances product quality.

The Mech-Mind Industrial 3D vision solution is an automated system that relies on code-free programming. The automated solution can pick up to 1000 cartons per hour with a cycle time of 10 seconds.

The Mech-Eye deep is mounted on a stand at 1700mm above the cartons and can pick up to three cartons at a time. This industrial robot system weighs 30 kg and has a field of view (FOV) of 1000x1200x1300mm.

Some Unique Advantages

The Mech-Mind industrial 3D camera has several unique advantages.

Its software allows the robot to detect whether a part is in a particular position. Its camera’s 3D-imaging technology is designed to recognize objects in three-dimensional space. This means that the robot can quickly locate products. The Mech-Mind industrial 3D-vision system is crucial for the LQ depalletizing solution. The system includes hardware, robotic programming, and deep learning algorithms.

The Mech-Eye Nano is protected against dirt, splash water, and cleaning agents. Moreover, its compact design protects the camera from dust and dirt. With its low price, the Mech-Eye Nano has become one of the most popular industrial 3D cameras. The Mech-Eye Nano is also competitively priced, so the system can help improve the efficiency of typical industrial applications.

Is it Water And Dust Resistant?

The Mech-Eye Nano Industrial 3D Camera is protected against dirt, splash water, and cleaning agents. Its compact aluminum body is highly resistant to dust, water, and cleaning agents. In addition, it has CE, RoHS, and FCC certifications. It also comes with a multi-language SDK. The Mech-Eye Nano is compatible with all significant robots, including those manufactured by other companies.

Mech-Eye Laser is a high-quality industrial 3D camera. It uses structured light to generate accurate point clouds. Its high resolution enables the Mech-Eye Nano to recognize a wide range of objects. This feature is specifically helpful for applications that require a high-resolution image. The Mech-Eye Laser L is also a versatile industrial 3D camera. It can be used in sevyral industries.

Mech-Eye Laser industrial 3D camera is based on Mech-Mind’s structured-light technology. It has a large field of view and can image many objects in sunlight. Its high resolution is ideal for various industrial applications, including construction, steel making, logistics, and automotive. It is a cost-effective industrial 3D camera solution used in manufacturing and logistics.

The Mech-Eye Nano has a small, lightweight housing well suited for on-arm mounting. The Mech-Eye Laser is CE-certified and IP65-protected, ideal for industrial environments. Its IP65-protection also protects it against splashed water and dust. The Mech-Eye Laser offers an extensive range of advantages.

The fast and reliable way to acquire 3D images in industrial settings:

The Mech-Eye Laser industrial 3D camera is a fast and reliable way to acquire 3D images in industrial settings. It can detect items of different sizes and helps manufacturers align them properly. With a fast laser-generated structured light, it can be mounted on an on-arm and reduce the need for additional shading facilities. If you’re looking for an industrial 3D vision solution for your manufacturing facility, Mech-Eye Laser is an intelligent solution for your needs.

Mech-Mind’s AI-guided industrial robots are highly versatile, flexible. The AI-guided automatic robot path planning feature allows engineers to test an artificial intelligence-guided robotic control scheme before purchasing it. In short, Mech-Mind offers the best industrial 3D vision solutions available. The company’s products are already used in factories in many countries, including Germany, China, and the United States.

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