Path of Exile: A Guide to Metamorphs in Tane’s Laboratory

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If you have found yourself struggling to defeat the Metamorphs in Tane’s Laboratory, then fear not. We have you covered in this article, telling you all about the facts you need to overcome this challenge. Remember to keep an eye on PoE Trade to see if any items could help you in the fight.

Getting Started

So firstly, we need to make our way to Tane’s Laboratory. This is a level 68 area that you’ll need to travel to. Once you find the waypoint, click on it to get to Tane’s Laboratory. You need to build the Metamorph before interacting with it to start the encounter off when you arrive there. To make the Metamorph, you will need to place each of the following items in the relevant device; Metamorph Brain, Metamorph Heart, Metamorph Eye, Metamorph Lung, and Metamorph Liver.

About the Metamorphs

When on a map, you have a 10% chance of encountering a Metamorph. Here you’ll see that there are monsters that have a green arrow on them. They are also pointed out to you on your mini-map, so you shouldn’t have difficulty spotting them. There’s also a name and health bar that will be encircled green.

When you kill them, they will then start to drop organs. These will be automatically picked up, and you need to get yourself a complete set. So that’s the Eye, Brain, Heart, Liver, and Lung to proceed. Getting these means that you can make a Metamorph once they’ve used the Metamorphs Vial from Tane Octavius. If you’ve not spotted Tane yet, the character will appear after you have the necessary organs.

The combination that you use of the organs is entirely up to you. The used organs will affect the outcome of what the Metamorph attacks are used and what mods are present. You could end up getting lucky and get an organ that has a bonus that drops additional items. You can see the rarity of each sample in the meter on the right. The rarer the monster is that you get the organs from, the higher this meter will be. Once you have filled up the meter and used a map boss sample as well, you will get an itemized organ sample from the Metamorph. You can take this and put this in your inventory after.

It would help if you kept in mind that you may not have the opportunity to fill this meter. You still might not have the required unique or rare samples to get the meter to the top despite clearing the map entirely. This can be affected by the likes of how rare the map is, the tier of the map, or what modifier is used.

You can then head over to Tane’s Laboratory to use them in the Metamorph Vial with the samples. You can then use a set of organs to make the Metamorph in this location when you have a set of organs. You will be able to look at the mods used on the organs to figure out the additional items that will be dropped from the Metamorph.

To sum up briefly, you will hear from Tane that you need to collect samples of monster organs. Show them to him once you’ve collected them and place them in his vial. This will summon the Metamorph, so defeat it once it forms. Tell Tane about what you have just experienced, and that will complete the quest for you.

You should still make sure that you are well prepared to go into this task. If you need to part with some Exalted Orb to do so, then go for it. You may need to part with some PoE currency at some point if you’re going to get through the whole ordeal, but as long as you’re ready for the fight with the Metamorphs, then you shouldn’t have much issue. Don’t be too disheartened if you don’t manage to fill the relevant meter either. As you will have seen for yourself, there are a few issues to factor in, so don’t be worry too much. Asides from that, you should be ready to complete your quest.

Have you finished this Path of Exile Metamorph task? Let us know in the comments section below!

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