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Prevent QuickBooks erros while Parsing the Supplied XML getting this error when pushing customers or orders to QuickBooks computing device?


Errors quantity: 0x80040400

Error Message:

QuickBooks discovered errors while parsing the provided XML textual content move.


  1. The facts being sent to QuickBooks laptop most in all likelihood consists of an extraordinary man or woman that QuickBooks laptop does no longer support, or a subject being sent to QuickBooks exceeds the wide variety of characters that QuickBooks helps.
  2. Resolution route
  3. Go to my works Sync> Settings > Miscellaneous and exchange the person Encoding to ISO-8859-1. This format is extra amenable to essential characters.
  4. If the individual encoding no longer remedies the issue, visit the associated order in WooCommerce and assess the product call.

Does it have special characters in it? If so:

  1. If they comprise a unique individual, eliminate the particular person from the purchaser info in WooCommerce customers and the order info.
  2. If a discipline contains more than 25 characters, shorten it to healthy this limit. The primary fields to check are generally employer call or cope with 1.
  3. In my paintings Sync > Connection in our Sync for your website, make sure the QuickBooks organization document course is correct. That is optionally available and only desires to be set if wanting to sync with QuickBooks at the same time as QuickBooks is closed. QuickBooks may be very choosy approximately this, and if it is now not precisely accurate, it will result in this error. The direction should stop with. QB
  4. One way to verify that the document path is inflicting the difficulty is to virtually eliminate it and click Save at the right (no want to regenerate the QWC record). Then, if the net connector runs effectively even as QuickBooks is open, this confirms the direction is the problem and, without a doubt, desires to be corrected.
  5. Make sure the QuickBooks business enterprise you’re trying to sync with is currently open.


QuickBooks found errors while parsing the furnished XML textual content flow. Decision. This mistake typically is due to one of the three objects beneath. Review the import file for these objects? Import facts encompass unique characters that aren’t allowed with the aid of QuickBooks. Check with this Intuit Article for extra information about ideal characters. One of the import fields has information that exceeds the permitted individual duration through QuickBooks.

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