Snapchat Launches ‘Spotlight’ Feature to Take on TikTok

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Snapchat launches tiktok like feature, Spotlight

Snapchat has rolled out a new TikTok like feature called “Spotlight.” The spotlight will let the users share videos in the Snapchat app. This service will compete with Instagram Reels and Tiktok.

Snapchat Spotlight Feature Launched, Similar to TikTok

Snapchat Launches 'Spotlight' Feature to Take on TikTok

On Snapchat, normally, users can share snaps or stories with other users, and now they can share videos directly to spotlight and increase followers. All the users will see content on Spotlight from influencers and other members of the app.

It is said that Spotlight will increase the connections of Snapchat users by allowing anyone to create a video and share it on the app. A short-form video “snaps” can be made with filters and effects.

At the time of announcing the service, the company said,

“We designed Spotlight to entertain our community while living up to Snapchat values, with our community’s well being as a top priority.”

At present, Spotlight is launched in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Ireland, the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, and Norway. Other countries will be getting this new service later.

The most successful app TikTok, which is already banned in India, is facing pressure from Trump, who wants to ban the app in American also. The app is banned due to privacy issues, and American national security also has concerns about the user’s data.

After TikTok got banned, many other similar apps came into the market, like Triller, Moj, and Instagram Reels. To boost engagement, the company is giving $1 million every day to the users whose snaps will be coming in the top.

It is like the more views you get on a post; you will do top in the leaderboard. In 24-hours, those who get more views will earn a share of more than $1 million. Usually, when someone has a private profile, and he/she is sharing a snap, the snap will be only seen by their friends. But in Spotlight, all the users of the app can see the video without knowing your identity.

While announcing about the new feature in a blog post, the company also said that the users could make money by creating these short videos. The user must be 16 or older to earn money from Spotlight.

 “For the opportunity to earn money, the Snaps you submit to Spotlight must follow our content guidelines and terms”

Earlier this year, Facebook launched Instagram Reels, as the craze for TikTok has gone so far. In Reels, the users can record videos and then add effects and music to it.

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