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The Value of Video: How Video Content Became a Key SEO Strategy

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People make thousands of Google searches every second. They tend to find what they want on the first or second-page search results. Several brands try different ways to ensure their presence on the initial pages.

However, with thousands of brands competing for that space, it is quite challenging for the brands to become searchable. Hence, it would help if you worked on the SEO strategy of your business.

Videos play a very important role in building an SEO strategy. If you are starting with video content, you need to experiment until you find something that works for your ideas. While videos are great for engaging your audience, they also improve the company’s SEO.

There are several SEO strategies, but you must use video search engine optimization or Video SEO. This guide will help you unleash video content’s power and use them to improve your SEO strategy.

Importance of Video in SEO

While it is essential to understand how videos can improve your SEO, you must also understand why investing in video content is important for SEO.

Videos are tools that improve engagement and bring organic traffic to your page. Videos are the best way to bring organic traffic to your website or any social media handle. Videos get you backlinks and align very well with Google’s algorithm of searchability.

Now that we know how important videos are, let’s understand what videos bring to the table in terms of SEO.

Google Loves Videos

The algorithm of Google is designed to give more priority to videos than other forms of content in terms of searchability. The algorithm is designed this way as the platform has data proving that people mostly look for videos.

About 86% of people prefer watching videos to consuming any other form of content.

Videos, especially short-form videos, have become extremely popular with the audience. Now that Google has decoded the trend, it prioritizes video results over other search results. Therefore, you should create more videos and improve your SEO.

Improves Marketing Efforts

When you use video SEO, you create a buzz about your company or any of its products or services. While videos improve the traffic to your website, they impact your entire digital infrastructure.

When you embed a video on your website, it takes people directly to your YouTube channel. Also, if you put much effort into creating a video and people love it, they will demand more. The pursuit will take them to your social media handles.

Hence, the entire activity will cover all facets of digital marketing. Video SEO increases the number of people who are now looking forward to your videos.

Easier Link Building

Backlinks play a very important role in improving the SEO of your business. They improve the searchability of your website and any other content you put out on the internet. Videos attract many backlinks.

The major role of the video is to create awareness. Hence, it is a top-of-the-funnel activity.

Therefore, if you create informative videos that solve people’s everyday problems, other websites might link that video to their website or any social media handles.

Additionally, when you create a video, you can add a backlink of the video to other pages within your website. Hence, one page will take people to another page within your website. This will increase the duration that a person spends on your website.

Ways to Improve SEO Using Videos

Now that you have an understanding of how videos can help in improving SEO, let’s have a look at how you can use videos to improve your SEO:

Add Videos to Your Website

If you don’t have a video or a set of videos on your website, people will not stay for long on your website. People hate reading through things and prefer watching a video that explains an entire procedure or gives an overview of how something must be done.

Adding a video does not translate to adding some random videos on your website. You should carefully plan your video content and then shoot it. Post the shoot, and edit the video using an online video editor

The video you post on your website should be relevant to your brand. It should be exclusive, and you can try to keep the tonality professional. You can drop the professional tonality while creating a video for your social media handles.

You can try out a variety of videos for your website. Some of the common video types for a website are:

  • How-to videos
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Video testimonials
  • Explainer videos
  • About the company videos
  • Behind-the-scenes

The type of video will depend on what you are trying to achieve with the video. For instance, if you want to create awareness about your company or a product, you can create a how-to or explainer video for your audience.

Add Context to Your Videos

While video content drives traffic, a random video will not do the trick. You need to plan the video and add different elements of SEO to make it more searchable.

Some major inclusions to video content should be:

  • A title for your video that contains the most searched keywords
  • An SEO-friendly description of the video
  • Video timestamps for easy navigation
  • Subtitles for a mass reach
  • A section containing links to similar videos

There’s no harm in providing additional content viewing avenues to your audience. Videos are a great way to send people to the different links that are important for your business.

Posted a product demonstration video? Take your audience to the page where they can buy the product.

Also, when you add the elements of SEO to your videos, you create a system that makes viewability easier. Also, finding related videos has become quite easy.

Become a Source of Information

Informative videos get much traffic as they provide educational content to people and are mostly to the point.

However, when creating an educational video, you must tell the viewers why they should trust the video. Give a brief introduction about yourself or the company to build some credibility.

It would be best if you tried to cover basic terms and their meanings. You should try to use some numbers and statistics to become a valuable information provider. You can also use infographics and diagrams to make the video more exciting.

Once you post the video on your website or your YouTube channel, your job is not over. You need to engage with the audience in the comment section and answer any related queries that they might have.

Stick to The Technical Specifications

While the content of the video is important, you must try to stick to the platform’s specifications where you will post the video.

For instance, if you plan to embed a YouTube video on your website, the aspect ratio of the video you create should be 16:9. Also, the resolution should range between 3840 X 2160 or 426 X 240. Try checking these specifications before you create the video.


Videos have become a driving force for companies as they are entertaining and improve the searchability of the content. Therefore, add videos to your marketing strategy. Create goals that you want to achieve with videos and, based on that, choose the right platform. Once you get the formula right, videos will improve your SEO drastically.