This Android Malware Will Ruin Your Phone And It Cannot Be Deleted

This Android Malware Will Ruin Your Phone And It Cannot Be Deleted
This Android Malware Will Ruin Your Phone And It Cannot Be Deleted

It is always suggested that not to download third-party apps as it has a lot of risks. One of the biggest problems is Malware. Again a new Android Malware is around, and it can’t be killed. That means you cannot delete this Malware even after restoring your phone.

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This Android Malware can’t be deleted and will ruin your phone. The malware name is xHelper. xHelper Trojan malware is for Android devices which are inspired from the Russian matryoshka doll. It is a series of malware programs which are stored in a sequel so that other programs can’t access them.

Kaspersky a researcher Igor Golovin has given details about the xHelper malware. He said that all those who have got this malware in their phone does not have any way to remove it, even if you restore your device to factory settings you cannot delete it.Golovin explained how this Malware works, 

“The malware disguises itself as a popular cleaner and speed-up app for smartphones, but in reality there is nothing useful about it: after installation, the “cleaner” simply disappears and is nowhere to be seen either on the main screen or in the program menu. You can see it only by inspecting the list of installed apps in the system settings,”

He also added,

“Malicious files are stored sequentially in the app’s data folder, which other programs do not have access to. This matryoshka-style scheme allows the malware authors to obscure the trail and use malicious modules that are known to security solutions.”

If you are using a phone made by Chinese phone maker, then you should get worried as the Kaspersky research says that xHelper malware gets access on phones which are running on Android 6 and Android 7. It allows the malware file to get installed directly.

Once this malware is on your phone, xHelper’s handlers get full access to all the app and data of your Android device. Even if you reset your phone to factory settings then also it won’t be deleted.

This Malware arrives on the phone when you download the apps from unofficial sites. Golovin says, “In any event, using a smartphone infected with xHelper is extremely dangerous.”

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