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Blogging is an excellent way to express your opinions on a wide range of subjects. Because of how simple it is to set up and get a blog up and running, you must keep an eye to correctly attribute your sources and avoid getting trapped into copyright infringement.

It takes a substantial extent of time to produce high-quality writing. You can reuse and rework material previously creates. 

This technique provides you with helpful and one-of-a-kind content. Rather than creating a whole new blog or post, you may modify an existing one in several different ways.

In this post, I will tell you some tips that you can use to rewrite a blog post to make it copyright-free. Let’s get started!


What Is A Copyright Infringement?

Copyright infringement happens when a third party interferes with the rights granted to the copyright holder. Copyright issues mainly arise in blogging. Because a blog post may contain some plagiarism, plagiarism may be found in written content or some blog image.

When a blog finds guilty of copywriter issues, google and other search engines may penalize that blog and affect its ranking. So, always try to make post content on your blog that is free of any duplication issues.

Tip for Rewriting A Blog to Make It Free From Copyright Issues

Make Use Of Unique Photographs.

If you download a picture from the internet and post it on your blog without permission, you are most certainly infringing on someone else’s intellectual property rights.

Here are the most important choices you have for utilizing images that will not get you into problems with the law on copyright:

  • Make use of your unique photographs.
  • Make use of a free service to get pictures. 
  • Inquire directly with the photographer and get permission.

1. Take Proper Time

Plagiarism is more likely to occur when a deadline is approaching, and you need to get the next article out the door as soon as possible. Consequently, the first step is to set aside enough time for the rewriting process to be successful. 

To avoid anything you didn’t create yourself, make sure you have a buffer to edit and double-check your material before publishing it.

2. Don’t Be Afraid Of Rewriting.

It’s also essential to apprehend that just because you’re rewriting something doesn’t mean you have to redo it. Never be hesitant to express your thoughts on a piece of information if you have fresh ideas or disagree with anything in the original content

Make your point of view known. Even though you’re “rewriting,” all you’re doing is utilizing the article as your only source of information. 

3. Combine Different Posts

If you wrote a series of articles on the same subject, you might integrate them into a single informative and entertaining post. 

It implies that you pick the most exciting elements of each article and combine them into a single, comprehensive piece of writing. 

Your readers may utilize this article as a starting point rather than going through a flood of material. It also delivers you a chance to offer any new information that has come to light over time.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks.

It may be intimidating to attempt to rework material that is already excellent. Make no apprehensions about the rewriting and remodeling procedure. Take it one post at a time if that’s what you need to do. 

Take pleasure in the process and make dramatic adjustments wherever possible. Maintain your self-assurance in the work you do. If you were to demonstrate this level of confidence in your updates, you would be more credible.

5. Check

Finally, the most effective method to ensure that you haven’t plagiarized in your essay is to double-check. That includes not just revising your material till it is original. However, also passing it through a content checker such as those listed in the next section.

Article Rewriting tool

Re-writing necessitates the same amount of work as before. However, it involves changing the words and phrases to make them entirely different for the readers and following the main rewording guideline. 

Creating original content with a specified/limited amount of words is an art form in and of itself.

Several websites make use of services for SEO-optimized article rewriting. The excellent online rewording program is nothing short of a real present. Some of my personal best article rewriter tools are:

Prepostseo Article Rewriter

It is a straightforward and convenient tool for people who wish to rewrite material by giving the given information a new structure while keeping it in mind. The Prepostseo article rewriter tool is the finest tool for rewriting material in a matter of minutes since it has no limitations.

This spinner will aid in the creation of material that is 100 percent genuine in nature. It works in a significantly unique and enhanced way. It uses the most suitable statistical synonym for every given word or phrase in its operation. Moreover, It requires no registration or sign-up on your part.


In addition to being a free article rewriter and plagiarism removal tool, it also assists you in reworking the substance of an article by automatically eliminating plagiarism. Because it is renowned for its lightning-fast speed, it will instantly rewrite the relevant section of the textual material. 

The most significant benefit is that it is straightforward to use and does not need any additional effort. This program will paraphrase the text for you in a matter of seconds with a single click.


You will most likely discover that you will no longer need to revise your work after a certain amount of time working as a content writer. Rewriting, on the other hand, is still an essential component of the copywriting industry. 

It is nevertheless preferable to use the methods outlined above to ensure that the rewriting is distinct. It enhances the content’s potential to offer value to both readers and search engines alike.

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