Top 8 Amazon Echo Tricks that You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Having an Amazon Echo or two at your home will make lives easier as you can do a lot of things without using your hands, such as shopping or setting your alarm. You can even send a message if you want to.

But do you know that Alexa and Amazon Echo have more tricks up their sleeves?

Here are the top eight tricks that you probably didn’t know you can do with just your Amazon Echo.

1. Voice Profiles

For those who aren’t up to date with Amazon Echo or haven’t read the news in the past few weeks, Amazon has created an update that will allow Alexa to remember who is who based on their voices.

It’s being rolled out to every Echo user, but you’ll have to set it up before it works.

If you don’t have an echo yet, we recommend this Amazon Echo 3rd-gen smart speaker with Amazon. You can choose from different colors from Twilight Blue to Charcoal.

2. The Magic Door

If you have read the Choose Your Own Adventures books in the 90s and 2000s, you’ll know what The Magic Door is as it’s basically like that. All you have to do to start it is to tell Alexa to “Open the Magic Door.”

It’s not as helpful as the rest, but it’s a great way to entertain you, your family, or your friends.

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3. Voice Calls

You can use your Amazon Echo to call anyone as long as you have synced your contacts from your iPhone to your Echo. You can even send them a message without having to open your device. Plus, it’s also free, which is excellent.

If you’re looking for an additional Echo in the house (because one is never enough), you can get the Echo Dot (3rd Gen), a smaller smart speaker from Amazon. This one also has a clock, so you don’t have to keep asking Alexa.

4. Multi-Room Music

If you have multiple Amazon Echo speakers all over your home, you can sync all of them to play the same music so that wherever you go, you can sing and dance to your favorite song without having to wake up every Echo wherever you are.

Just launch the Alexa app and choose the Settings. Then, select the Multi-Room music where you can create a group of Amazon Echo devices that you want to play the music simultaneously. If you wish to specific Echo devices to join, you can, which is good, so as not to accidentally play the music in your parent’s rooms when they are still sleeping.

5. Drop In

With Drop In, you can connect to any Alexa-enabled device at home from your Alexa device or Alexa app like an intercom. You can easily call the whole family over when it’s dinner, or call someone from the other side of the house when you need them.

If you want to include a speaker in your child’s room to read them stories or to wake them up, we recommend this Echo Dot (3rd-gen) Kids Edition. It’s colorful and portable, plus it’s specially designed for kids with parental controls.

6. The ChuckFacts

Here’s another Alexa hack you can use for entertainment: the ChuckFacts! Basically, it tells you facts about the one true legend, Chuck Norris. You can even use some of it to tell your friends when they come over.

7. Celebrity Alarms

Want to wake up to the voice of Alec Baldwin or Missy Elliott waking you? Well, now you can use the Celebrity Alarms, which you can access when you open the Alexa app and manually choose the celebrity you want alongside all of the typical alarms you can choose to ensure you wake up early the next day.

If you want to hear these celebrity alarms loud and clear, then you better get the Echo Studio High-Fidelity Smart Speaker with 3D audio and Alexa. It’s got the best audio so far, so you’ll clearly hear your alarm or feel more immersed when it plays your favorite music.

8. Seven Minute Workout

The Seven Minute Workout is a great way to stay in shape and burn some calories you have gained, although it won’t burn that much unless you do it a few times a day. But yes, you can launch the Seven Minute Workout if you want to by just commanding Alexa. You can even choose which song you want to listen to while working out.