Truecaller Brings ‘Call Reason’ Feature Lets you Know Why Someone is Calling

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Call Reason feature on Truecaller

Truecaller will now let you know the reason why someone is calling you. As the app has introduced a new feature called “Call Reason”. This new feature will let the user set a reason for a specific call so that the receiver will get to know why the other person is calling.

“Call Reason” Feature Shows the Reason Why is Someone Calling You

Call Reason feature in Truecaller

Call Reason feature will be so helpful in the urgent situation. A blog post was published by the company on its official website, where they have introduced the new feature. The blog post says the netizens have demanded this feature on social media. Now, the company expects that the pickup rates will be increasing with this feature. As the person will know the reason of getting a call, so it is obvious that he/she will answer the call.

The blog post reads,

 “We’ve been seeing tweets and messages from you telling us that you wanted to know why people were calling. It’s clearly a great idea, so we made it happen.”

As of now, the feature is only available for Android users for free. The blog post also explained about how the feature will work. Let us see how the Call Reason Feature will work?

How does Call Reason Work?

Every time when the user makes a call, he/she should choose to write a custom reason or can set three reasons which they think they will use the most. If you don’t want to give any reason, then you can turn off this Call Reason feature from the Settings.

This new feature will change the way of making and receiving calls globally. If you use it wisely, there are so many ways to use Call Reason. Once you will use it, it will become a part of making a call to anyone.

According to the blog post, the new features, Truecaller has got an idea for how the features will improve their communication with the business. Next year, the Truecaller Priority customers and verified businesses will be able to set a Call Reason for their customers.

Using this feature will make it easier to differentiate the calls as we can know we are getting an important call or not. This feature is similar to Google’s Verified Calls feature which will be coming to the default phone app.

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