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Are you looking for Best Laravel Pagination Methods? Here you learn how to use one of the best PHP web frameworks and its introduction and different versions of laravel.

Laravel is without a doubt one of the best PHP web frameworks one can use. Many developers use it, and Laravel proved itself as a constant framework force by all the updates and new versions it provides through the years.

There are many different versions of Laravel, and they are also used for pagination. But as always, the most updated one is the latest version, and here we will see how to use pagination in Laravel for the latest version of Laravel 8.

Pagination can be complicated, but Laravel custom pagination is a different process when it is done with Laravel because it provides simple and easy ways to achieve this goal. So let’s start and see how the pagination process is done and which are some of the best ways you can use pagination with Laravel.

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Introduction OF Laravel Pagination

Laravel pagination is easy, and this gives an enormous value to the process because it can be painful and very complex in some situations. The goal of pagination is to divide and arrange the content and the displays in a very small limited amount, and it is the way to show extensive data to a smaller part.

So basically, pagination is important because it is a significant user interface element that organizes the large data-set for the site visitors. Furthermore, the paginator of Laravel provides database records that are zero configuration. This is because it is integrated with the query builder and Eloquent ORM. So let’s see some of the basic methods to use for the Laravel pagination process.

Basic Usage

Here we will see some of the most important and simple ways from the several ways you can use to paginate items:

1. Pagination Query Builder Results

This method is valuable because it sets the query’s offset and limits on the page that the user views. It is the easiest way, and you should use the paginate method on the Eloquent Orm or the query builder. On the HTTP request, the page will be detected by the page query argument. This means that the value will be detected automatically by Laravel (The PHP Framework For Web Artisans) thus inserted in links generated by the paginator.

There is also the process of simple pagination. The paginate method will count the total number of records matched by the query before retrieving them from the database. Also, if you do not plan to show the total number of pages in the UI application, it is not necessary to count the record queries. To perform a single query, you will use the simple Paginate method.

2. Cursor Pagination

Cursor pagination is constructing ‘’where’’ clauses that will compare the values of the columns in the query. It will provide great database performance available in all of the pagination methods. That is why it is not the same as the paginate and simplePaginate methods, where queries are created using the SQL offset clause.

This pagination method is extremely good for the unlimited scrolling user interfaces, and of course, for large data sets. Cursor pagination in the query string places a cursor string encoded and contains the location where the next paginated query should start. It also gives the direction that should be paginated.

3. Manual Laravel Pagination

Laravel manual pagination can be used to pass a range of items that one already has in memory. You can do this by making an Illuminate\Pagination\Paginator or Illuminate\Pagination\CursorPaginator, or other depending on what your needs are.

These classes don’t have the methods for retrieving the last page index, which is why they don’t need to know the total number of result-set items. This means that the first one is similar to the simple pagination, and the other is the cursor pagination. For example, suppose you create an Illuminate\Pagination\LengthAwarePaginator instance, then the  LengthAwarePaginator will most certainly accept almost the same Paginator arguments, but it will also require counting the total number of items in the result set.

4. Bootstrap Usage

Laravel Bootstrap pagination is one of the various ways to customize the pagination view. Laravel 8 also includes the pagination views built by the open-source and free Bootstrap CSS framework. To use these views, you will need to use bootstrap pagination method inside the boot method of the App\Providers\AppServiceProvider class. The most significant advantage is that Laravel makes Bootstrap usage easy.


Here we have the chance to see some of the best and most important simple ways to use pagination in Laravel 8, the latest version of Laravel. There are some of the basic methods you can use, and also the usage of Bootstrap. The usage of Laravel 8 is enormous since it was released in September 2020, and many developers will recommend using Laravel because it is one of the best PHP frameworks out there today.

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