What are the Different Types of Branding Strategies?

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Branding is much more than designing a logo. It’s a process that involves connected efforts designed to develop the reputation of a particular company. Branding can also apply to various things. So, in this article, let us understand the different types of branding strategies and how they affect the potential audience. So, let us discover the true depth of the branding: 

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Personal Branding

The art of personal branding strategies helps to build in your identity, maybe for career purposes or establishing yourself as a thought leader. You do not require great sources to be recognized as a thought leader, public speaker, or just a great employee.

The platforms which can be quite helpful for you are as follows:

  • Social Media platforms 
  • There should be Valid proof of your knowledge, i.e., Ted Talks, blogs, etc.
  • Personal brands are built by connections that can be beneficial to you.

Making use of personal branding, you can build your identity. Each blog, public appearance, and social media post contribute to your image.

Corporate Branding

It is one of the major examples of branding. Corporate branding is the technique of developing a specific message correlated to everything your company does, says, and sells. Similar to corporate branding, product branding’s main focus is the potential customers. 

Knowing your audience and what they require is directly proportional to the type of image created. Therefore, product branding plays an extremely significant role in building the company’s corporate brand. The main goal is connecting with the right product to the potential audience and boosting sales chances.

Companies need to take the following steps:

  • Specific Logo: The use of a specific logo to the colors and the shape of the packaging makes a huge difference to the product’s appeal. Also, the variable markets will prefer the different packaging.
  • Reaching up to the potential customers: The main question is what strategy needs to be followed to reach potential customers. Adequate distribution of the product can create profit and maximize revenue. You need smart tactics, and you are all set to go!
  • Price Structure: Make sure to analyze the competitive prices in the market and then create the price structure accordingly. 
  • Alteration in the products: Depending on the audience preferences, ensure to bring small alterations. It can help in increasing the demand for the particular product and therefore increasing the product revenue.
  • Promotion with correct strategies: It is essential to promote the product with correct tactics to target potential audiences for maximum productivity. One can practice various strategies like running social media campaigns etc. Brand marketing tactics surely make a big difference in the market. 

Service Branding

Service branding is somewhat similar to personal branding as its main focus is on building up the image of a specified people and their skills. However, service branding’s main objective is to create everything, including the support strategy to the website experience.

The main focus of the service branding is to focus more on what you do. The main potential here is what you can offer to the audience. With the advent of the digital world, customer feedback and reviews greatly impact your brand.

Retail Branding

Retail branding plays a significant role in any business to bloom. Whenever recognized, you walk into the retail store, you notice its layout, then comes the decor, music played in the background. The type of flooring is noticeable too! So, the retail store experience is not just about getting into the store and buying items. It is a live brand experience for every customer who enters the store.

Ecommerce has seen drastic growth in the past few years, and this trend is continuing to grow. So, if you need more customers entering your retail store, you need to match up with the digital branding game. 

Turn the shopper’s experience into an easy one, and they will come back again each time and refer their friends too! It’s an indirect marketing tactic which being a retailer, you must follow!

Some general aspects which are included in service branding strategies are

  • Customer Experience: Most of the companies focus on 24*7 services. It should follow live chats etc. too for better interactions with the customers.
  • A consistent tone of voice: A consistent tone of voice helps leave a Make sure that the same voice is used on every channel or promotion for a better impact on the potential customers
  • Feedback from targeted customers: Always be active in dealing with the company feedback from the potential customers.
  • Marketing campaigns: Like most branding strategies, service Branding should involve better promotion and fruitful marketing campaigns.


Thus, branding strategies work in various ways, but they are all designed to strengthen your productivity with the audience. All that matters is the increased customers and enhanced revenue. As a result, it can lead to maximum productivity and enhanced revenue.

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