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Social media listening is the scariest of all job opportunities, in my opinion. With so many people and companies looking for employees who can listen to social media conversations, it’s no wonder that this service is sometimes misused. In the hands of a malicious individual, it can publicly shame an individual while also gathering information about targets or their friends and family members.

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What’s included in a Social Media Listening Report

The report results from listening to what is said about a company or an individual on social media. Below you will find a list of specific details included in a report.

  • The analysis of what is being said about the individual or company, including mentions and links to posts about the target (targeted entity), which are publicly available.
  • The analysis of what is being said about the individual or company that needs to be obtained from a paid subscription service provides API access.
  • The analysis of what is being said in social media about other companies or individuals that are competitors or the same as the targeted individual. The company or individual mentioned in this case could be an employee, customer, partner, vendor, etc.
  • The process of scrubbing the accounts where there are publicized comments, including personal information about the target and friends/family members/associates. The process also includes analyzing the comments to determine if they are active and indicate that the person commenting is currently involved in a discussion.

What businesses can do with that information

Businesses can use the information included in the report to do many things. Some of these things have good intentions behind them, while others are used for malicious purposes. Here are some examples of what businesses can do with reports.

1. Staffing

Businesses can use the reports to find active and thriving candidates within the online environment they have chosen to “live” in.

2. Public Relations

If someone has a problem with a business, the person can use it to learn about the issue and help resolve the situation.

3. Customer Service

 Businesses can learn about their customer’s concerns and do things to make them happier.

4. Research

Businesses can use it to find opportunities or trends that could lead to growth.

5. Hiring

A business may hire someone if they see that they are having an issue with a competitor. It also allows them to hire someone as a spy and try to steal information from the competition.

6. Public Shaming

Someone may want to publicly shame a business or an individual because they have an issue with a business. It often leads to people not wanting to deal with that company as a result of the public shaming.

How they can change their marketing strategies

You can use a social media listening service for marketing purposes. Still, you need to know what kind of information you are getting from these reports and how to protect yourself from the misuse of this information. You also need to be aware that not all companies use this data in a kind manner, so it is essential to conduct your research before making an important decision.

1. Using reports for bad reasons

There are many examples of businesses using reports for bad reasons. Examples of this are when a company learns about an employee and tries to demote or fire them after a social media conversation shows they have concerns about the business.

2. Using reports for good reasons

You can use the report to find out what you need to know in a limited amount of time. You can learn about competitors, partners, and customers. You can also learn about relevant trends and information that may help people to understand your industry better.

NetbaseQuid services

At NetbaseQuid, we provide social media listening services including:

1. Mention monitoring

They monitor the publically available social media conversations to use your company’s name, a competitor’s name, or another entity’s name. They also watch for mentions of critical industry-specific keywords that may help us to gain insight into what is happening in your industry.

2. Keyword monitoring

They monitor keyword conversations about your company and others in your industry, including competitors.

3. Competitor listening

They monitor your competitor’s social media pages to find opportunities. This information helps businesses determine how they can improve their relationship with customers and prospects by helping to find out what they need and want. It also helps to find out where you can compete with others to go after that market share.

NetbaseQuid possible ways they could help reach business goals

1. Reaching out to customers

Businesses can use the information in the report to reach customers interested in your business. Suppose you can put out valuable and interesting information on social media. In that case, those people who show interest will likely share it with others because they will be interested in what you have to say. This sharing and liking is an indication of interest.

2. Relating with your customers

Businesses can use information in the report to determine what competitors are doing that may make their customers unhappy, which will allow them to do things to improve their relationship with their customers.

3. Hiring a spy

Businesses can use a social media listening service for the hiring of people. They can find out what the competitor is doing and try to steal information by hiring someone who has a relationship with that company.

4. Increasing security

Businesses can use information in the report to help them to determine if they need to increase their security or not. They may learn about a potential threat and be able to stop it before it reaches them.


Social media listening helps businesses learn more about their customers, how they feel about a business, and what competitors do. These reports can be beneficial for many reasons, including marketing and security. It will help if you use it in the right way not to harm those involved with your company.

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