Why You Should Not Use Free Proxies?

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If you’re thinking about using free proxies, you might want to rethink this option. With that said, find more about why it’s better to invest in proxies than free versions and learn the best qualities that make a reliable proxy.

What is a proxy?

A proxy server is an online application that acts as an intermediary between the user and the inter-web.

Proxies are specifically designed to separate the end-user from the online applications and websites they skim through the internet. Different proxy service providers offer additional features, functionalities, security, and privacy levels.

What makes proxy important?

Here are the top benefits proxy servers provide to businesses, organizations, and individual users.

  1. Security

One of the best and most essential functionalities offered by proxies is server security and protection. Having a reliable proxy server safeguards your network against hacking and data breaches by adding another layer of protection to your server and outside traffic.

2. Privacy

Suppose you need to carry out private and sensitive tasks over the web and keep your information anonymous. In that case, having a dependable proxy service provider is the best solution.

Proxy servers can anonymize internet traffic, thus, keeping your personal and business server information private and safe against outside threats.

3. Server Reliability

Proxy servers offer the capability to balance out web traffic to prevent server mishaps such as freezing or crashing. This function is vital if you rely on your brand’s online server for sales and other essential business operations.

4. Access Control

With the help of a proxy server, you can regulate your employees’ access to the internet. You will be able to block access to certain websites with malicious or inappropriate content.

Common uses of proxies

In case you are not familiar with a proxy server and its uses yet, below is a list of the most common uses of this server application.

  1. Network Protection

The primary purpose of a proxy is network protection and security. This server application is programmed to safeguard users’ networks against online threats such as data breaches and hacking.

2. Anonymizing Traffic

Proxies are extremely helpful for businesses and individuals who need to keep their personal information and network identity anonymous and private when carrying out confidential tasks over the internet.

3. Boost Internet Speed

Proxy servers offer the capability to compress web traffic, caching web files and pages, and reduce the number of ads from specific websites. This, in turn, releases substantial bandwidth, and as a result, your internet speed is boosted.

4. Unblock Inaccessible Websites or Content

Suppose you want to access country or region-blocked websites or content. In that case, having a proxy server is an excellent investment. This server application offers the ability to unblock various websites or web files and content from your network.

Why is using free proxies not a good idea?

  1. Poor Security

Free proxies carry several security issues that may undermine your network’s safety and privacy. First, most free proxy servers do not offer HTTPS connections. The absence of HTTPS essentially means that your network connection is visible to the proxy server. Someone could be monitoring your network data.

The other security issue related to free proxies is the stealing of cookies. Many free proxies can steal your network’s cookies and possibly use them to copy your identity online.

2. Malicious Software

Although not all, many free-to-use proxy servers carry malicious files, viruses, or software that can pose a threat to your network’s security and privacy.

Additionally, given that these applications are cost-free, some free proxy service providers put ads on the content they display on the user’s screen, which can be annoying and intrusive.

3. Poor Customer Support

As their services are offered for free, free proxies offer sub-par customer support to their customers.

What qualifies a reliable proxy service?

  1. Impeccable Track-Record

A reliable proxy service provider should have a favorable track-record and reputation in the industry. When choosing a proxy, make sure to browse through customer reviews and evaluate if the specific provider is dependable or not.

2. Server Speed

Besides safeguarding your network against outside traffic threats, a good proxy server must also offer the functionality of boosting your internet speed and saving up valuable bandwidth. Additionally, it must also increase your online server and prevent it from crashing.

3. Intuitive Dashboard

The proxy you should choose must have a user-friendly dashboard where you can easily edit your information or credentials, keep tabs on network usage stats, and buy extra proxies conveniently.

4. Fair Pricing

The most loved proxy servers on the market offer exceptional security and functionalities and reasonable pricing. Depending on your network and usage needs, you will indeed find a proxy that fits your requirements and budget.


Now that you know the basics of proxies and why you should not opt for a free one, it’s about the time you invested in a reliable proxy service provider, such as Oxylabs, that will provide you with stellar security and other functionalities.

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