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The Warlock is arguably the most potent and effective DPS class available in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. No matter how much WoW TBC gold you have or what method you’re going to use for TBC power leveling. The class you use will be just as important and will define your experience with the game. Dealing damage is what you can expect from the Warlock, though it does also have its limitations.

Pros of The Warlock

The Warlock does stand out when it comes to DPS. Their single target damage is some of the very best that TBC offers. The spec doesn’t play as much a part in this, so it doesn’t matter if you opt for the use of fire or demonology. Whatever you choose, you’ll be a formidable force. The area of effect DPS is fantastic here too. This means that both single and grouped enemies are in for a fight against the Warlock. The need Seed of Corruption spell can hit crits beyond the AoE cap, which you can use at a distance to protect yourself.

It isn’t always enough to be able to deal tremendous damage to your opponents. There should be a focus on utility as well, which is something that Warlock also has. Their effectiveness from a utility perspective comes from their curses. There are also the likes of Banish and Fear, which are great for situations with multiple enemies. You might not see the effectiveness of Detect Invisibility or Unending Breath at first, but these buffs can be the difference between success and failure. No amount of TBC items or TBC Classic gold will change just what the Warlock has to offer.

 Cons of The Warlock

What has been highlighted so far has probably painted the Warlock in perfect light, so it should for most cases. That being said, it does have its disadvantages, some of which aren’t entirely new. For example, even in WoW Classic, the Warlock struggled with the threat. Unfortunately, things are not much different in TBC. You can cut down the threat by 10% while using Destructive Reach. Plus, there’s Soulshatter, but the cooldown length means that it isn’t likely to serve you that well.

Perhaps the Warlock would be considered too easy to use if they have the movement speed of some of the faster classes. That isn’t the case here, as the Warlock fails to provide much of a mobile presence in TBC. The fact that they need to stand still to cast spells can be even more troublesome. There can be dips in DPS in these situations, which is a big issue for a class that is considered above all when it comes to DPS.

Some may consider the gear price for a Warlock to be a drawback as well. It is expensive to get going with gearing with this class, to the point where players would choose to buy TBC gold. Maybe not to the extent that they opt to buy WoW TBC Classic accounts, but it will still benefit significantly from tailored gear. The downside here is that there is Tailoring gear required, which certainly isn’t cheap to purchase.

Warlock’s Best Races

Should you choose to proceed with the Warlock, then you’ll want an idea as to which race you should be focusing on. This will depend on whether you are an Alliance or Horde player. If you are an Alliance player, then Humans are a good choice for damage output. However, they are slightly less effective than Gnomes, who have the Expansive Mind ability to increase Intellect. Alternatively, the Draenei also have Inspiring Presence that can increase the hit chance in a party.

Horde has a much more obvious choice than the Alliance does. The Orc stands above all where DPS is concerned, with Blood Fury giving them the upper hand. Command will also help out the Demonology Warlock to increase the damage that is dealt.

The Warlock has to offer in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade is some of the best DPS traits in the whole expansion. It may not be as mobile as other classes, and you will have to part with WoW TBC gold if you want to afford the Tailoring gear. But when it comes to The Burning Crusade power leveling and keeping your enemies at bay, the Warlock is very handy to have in your raid party. With the right tools at your disposal, you’ll be a Warlock that no creature is going to want to mess with.

Have you played as the Warlock in WoW TBC? Let us know in the comments section below!

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